Sunday, November 20, 2011

Bounty From The Hunt

Guess who's in my crockpot? 

A hunter brought in his bounty to be weighed and logged. I snapped his picture.  Later he returned with a gift for the workampers.  We were dead tired at the time, so we wrapped and stashed him in  the shared refrigerator. The next day, one of the guys carved him up into hunks of chunks. 

I put a batch in my tiny crockpot and let it cook forever (about 36 hours on low) with a bay leaf and a generous splash of  basamic vinegar. It came out SUPER tender. 

Harley dog has made a piglet out of himself, as he LOVES this new treat in his dog bowl. I seasoned up the first batch with my version of homemade barbecue sauce. I put some on a sandwich bun and I must admit he was delicious. 

Meanwhile, Harley seems to be holding out on his dry dog food, waiting to see if pork if going to turn up in his bowl. I give him a small bowl of it each day since and he is thrilled. 

I usually don't let Harley over-serve himself, but I foolishly allowed this the first night. I won't be doing THAT again. 

Harley slept on his back with his overstuffed belly resembling a pregnancy. He made a disgusting sound (yes dogs do fart) that woke him up. The look of shock and surprise on his little puppy face was hysterical! 

I guess this is one of the interesting perks of this unique workamping opportunity. (Um, the pork, not the fart.)

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