Saturday, November 26, 2011

Thanksgiving Turkey Day Was A Hit

Thanksgiving was wonderful here on the palmetto prairie in Florida. There are four workampers here, so I made a 14 pound stuffed turkey plus smashed sweet potatoes, and cranberry sauce. When the bird was done, I made mushroom gravy from the juices. The only other cook in the bunch outdid himself, making a green bean casserole, baked beans with bacon, coleslaw, pumpkin pie and a birthday cake for his wife's birthday, which we found out was the same day. We washed all that down with nearly a gallon of iced tea while dining al fresco under the gazebo with a view of the wildlife area and prairie. 

Two canine critters also had turkey with us, delighting us by being very well behaved. 

When one workamper discovered I had a shoebox full of ice in the freezer, he trotted out the hooch, so we had cocktails before we all retreated to our various campers for a full belly turkey  tryptophane nap. Just before that, one of the biologists stopped by to wish us a Happy Thanksgiving, so we fetched a clean plate, then stuffed him full of food too.

There were plenty of leftovers to divvy up, so we all left our little party with lots of goodies in tow. 

The turkey bird I baked, before we carved him up to smithereens. 

 The stuffed bird is  ready to bake, but looks very colorful because I dusted him with sage and paprika before roasting. 

Go ahead and laugh, but this was my FIRST time using a baking bag in the roasting pan. The turkey was done nearly an hour sooner than I expected. I guess that bag really speeds up the cooking and saves on some of the mess.

This is the stuffing. I made so much, we had a huge pan of it baking in the oven besides what was stuffed in the turkey.   It has a loaf of whole wheat bread, raisins, onions,  granny smith apples, celery, garlic, butter, chicken stock, sage, marjoram, and cloves. I had nuts to put in there too but nutty me forgot about them. 

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