Monday, November 21, 2011

Oh For The Love Of An Adirondack Chair

Today I am slaving away volunteering at my 16 hour workamper shift. I am busier than a one-eyed thee-legged cat chasing nineteen mice in seventeen directions. How I wish this place had Adirondack chairs. I could surely plop my plump rear  in one about now. That would feel oh so wonderful. Remember Adirondack chairs?  They are large with a sloped seat and back with wide arm rests.  Once you are in one, you just never want to get out again. 

Not ever. 

We had them in our backyard when I was growing up back in the dark ages. I guess they are absolutely timeless, as I don't think they have ever gone out of style. 

Harley dog is not feeling well and is downright cranky. Tsk tsk tsk. On a super quick break, I speed walked to the motorhome, to fetch his favorite food (a hot dog with cheddar cheese).  That cheered him up for a few minutes. We even played fetch and catch out by the picnic tables

Now he is lazing around in the comfiest chair, looking rather glum. The storm just hit us with full force. Luckily about 10 minutes ago, I did another rapid trip to the clothes line where I have been drying my wash cloths and hand towels for 2 days.  If you want it to rain, just ask me to hang out my laundry.   It works every time!  But today, I managed to get the stuff off the line, moments before the storm rolled in. 

Now I am in the dark little shack, watching it flash flood outside. How I wish I had run home to close the windows. Oh brother.  I hope the motorhome doesn't overfill her bilge and sink like a rock.  Wait...  I am used to sailboat living. I guess motorhomes don't sink or have bilges.

Harley dog and I would much rather be at the dog park, with me on one of the park benches and him running wild and free with the pack of canines.  At one campground, there was no dog park, (there usually never is) but Harley wanted to play with the young children on the playground equipment.  They were telling him how cute he was and soaking up his puppy kisses.  One child asked to send him down the short slide, so we let the puppy slide down, to my waiting arms. At that point, little Harley tugged on his leash, away from the kids, away from the playground. 

I guess puppies weren't meant for playground slides. 


  1. Oh no! I hope Harley didn't catch what you had. I didn't think dogs could catch people stuff. ;) I hope he's feeling better real soon. He probably just doesn't like these long work days any better than you do. But now it's over once again. Yay! Keep us posted on how he's doing.

  2. We have some colorful plastic version of the Adirondack chairs here in sunny FL:)


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