Thursday, November 03, 2011

A Fine Favorite Dyke

Don't you just love cell phones when they drop in and out? 

I received a call from a friend who might have been a tad tipsy. In spite of the  bad cell phone connection, we had a short conversation that went something like this:

Caller:  Hello!  How are you doing? Where are you?  I'm sitting here having a few drinks out back, it's nice and warm here today. Gotta enjoy it before it's cold again!

Me:  Hi!  I'm fine. I'm at Faver Dykes State Park.

Caller:  What about a fine favorite dyke? 

Me:  I'm at Faver Dykes State Park in Florida. This connection is bad.

Caller:  You're parked at a bad dyke? Is it leaking?  Where are you?

Me:  I'm at a State Park near Saint Augustine.

Caller:   The Saints?  Aren't they in New Orleans?  So you're in New Orleans?  Looking at dykes?  I thought they called those  levees. 

Me: No I am in Florida camping.

Caller:  So how is the camping in New Orleans? I thought you were going to Florida. Did you get lost?  Wait, I need another drink, this ought to be good!  Are you in the French Quarter?  

Me:  I am not in New Orleans, I am in Faver Dykes State Park south of Saint Augustine in Florida.The cell phone connection is mucking up my words. 

Caller:   Yeah, I heard it gets muggy in New Orleans. Are you going to stay until Madi Gras?  I might come join you then. Sounds like fun!  I will drink to that!

Me: No, I will be workamping in Florida, but you're welcome to join me at the wildlife area.  

Caller:  Oh yeah, New Orleans is the wild life for sure, you lucky Mermaid!  Party all night, sleep in late, then go get chicory coffee and beignets. Oh man, I sure do miss New Orleans. Maybe I will come see you at Madi Gras.  How far are you from the French Quarter?  Have you been partying every night?

Me: I am not going to be at Madi Gras.  I'm not in New Orleans, I am south of Saint Augustine at Faver Dykes State Park, about 700 miles from New Orleans. 

Caller:  You drove 700 miles?  In one day?  I thought you didn't like to do much milage in a day. I read your blogs, seems to me, you take you all week just to go 90 miles. 700 miles in one day, that is incredible. That has to be a record for you!  I miss those Flaming Hurricane drinks. Have you had one of those yet?  I might go make one now. Tell me again, how to light up the drink.  I know there's a trick to that. 

Me: This phone is breaking up, let's talk later, after I get to Melbourne. 

Caller:  You breaking up with Mel?  Who is Mel?  How did I miss out on Mel? Is he why you went to New Orleans? Oh my gosh, I definitely need another drink. That last one simply evaporated!

Me:  I will try calling you after I get to Melbourne, this phone is breaking up badly. 

Caller:  Yeah, I've had a few rough breakups too. I feel for you. 

Me: OK, I will talk with you later. Bye!

Caller:   You have fun in New Orleans.  Don't let that breakup get you down.  Have a flaming hurricane drink for me until I get there to have my own.  I'm going online now to find out how much airfare is to Madi Gras.  Bye now!

I was laughing so hard after that ridiculous phone call, so the doggy and I went on a short hike. 

Here are some wonders of nature we saw at Faver Dykes State Park in Florida, south of St Augustine.  

Mushrooms seem to thrive in the lush hammock. 

A clam shell?  In the forest?

Spanish Moss, up close and personal. 

A tree sprouting ferns. Amazing!

More mushrooms on our hike. 

Spanish Moss shades the area. 

More shrooms. 

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  1. Great call:) Soon the caller will be asking for directions to your NOLA campground, since they located a really good air fare!

  2. Perhaps the caller was having drinks made with a mushroom tincture :)

  3. That's great! I do have a fine favorite dyke, and I call her "Annie." Did you get a lot of Google mis-hits on this post? :D


  4. Well, isn't that spelled dike rather than dyke? LOL! You're a hoot!


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