Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Leaving Home On The Prairie

I am puttering along to get ready to go on a side trip, leaving my home on the prairie to go take care of several appointments in the big town for a few days.  I also hope to rendezvous with a friend from the Caribbean who is driving down the entire eastern seaboard. 

But we are both old salts (sailors) who used to navigate our sailboats in far flung ports, without the aid of cell phones or GPS.  Somehow we always managed to find each other. 

Harley dog even has a few appointments 50 miles away. He is going to be tutored. At least that is what he was told...  actually he is going to be singing soprano in the choir soon. 

With no car, navigating numerous appointments in the motorhome should be quite the adventure. I better get into training for long walks. Shopping in the wheel estate generally isn't a problem as retail establishments typically have plenty of room for me to take up two parking spots without inconveniencing others. However, appointments at small offices, may be a whole different matter.  It might not be so easy  to find a double parking spot, and that is if I can park end to end. Otherwise I need three parking spots and a method of exiting the spot(s) when I am through with my various appointments. 

Anyhow, I should be back on the prairie in 3-4-5-6 days. That is if we don't go to town and get ourselves all citified...


  1. Hope you can find good parking.
    Harely will be fine. When I adopted Fred I couldn't even have him until he was fixed. I was so nervous when I picked him up that he would be hurting and how I should handle him. He did fine better than me and he was already i the guessstimation to be about 2yrs.


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