Sunday, November 06, 2011

Wickham Park Campground on Florida's Spacecoast

I was able to return to Wickham Park Campground in Melbourne, Florida last Monday, for 19 fantastic hours of camping en route to my workamping assignment. Previously I wrote about Harley's love for the fenced off-leash dog park in Wickham Park where he was treated to playing with the pack of people and dogs for a few hours. 

Last winter I visited this park for a glorious week, back when they offered weekly discounts, which they no longer do. It is owned by Brevard County and encompasses 391 acres with a small campground tucked away in the corner.  The park has lakes, ponds, grassy open areas, pine woods and some tropical foliage. It's very popular with the locals as a day use area with many events held throughout the park. It's a welcome oasis practically in the heart of Melbourne. Plus there is the beloved dog park. 

 This lovely area provides a buffer between the campground and the rest of the park's activities.
 This lake borders the corner turn into the campground.  It's higher than normal due to recent rapid rains.
 Another lake in the park, separates camping Loop A from Camping Loop B.
 My lot happened to border the lake, it was only open for 24 hours, as the next camper was a snowbird, who had reserved it for months of winter use. Matter of fact, at 10 til noon, the park ranger came by to tell me to leave before noon, because the other camper was waiting to move in at precisely noon. I was unplugging my umbilical cords, when the new camper drove up with his massive fifth wheel, to await my departure. I drove out of my lot with 2 minutes to spare.

We drove around the entire park, then much to Harley's delight, we stopped at the dog park for an hour. He played with a new pack of dogs, I met a new litter of peeps. Then we retreated to the motorhome, where I packed away a few loose items, before we set out for the new workamping assignments.
 I can see why the snowbird coveted this spot, it came with both a large front and back yard, plus bordered one of the many lakes. Harley and I could envisioned ourselves there for a month or more. Now if only I could rapidly sell 500 more books or subsrciptions or Kindle versions of the book or blog, I would and could give up my workamping with the 16 hour shifts and this focus on bringing the next books to market.

WIth Christmas around the corner, should I offer my fans a special Christmas shopping discount?  My book does make a lovely gift for people who like to read and laugh. Some of my attempts at explaining Caribeean lingo have caused many readers to laugh at what seems like me horribly mangling the English language.
A closer view of the lake in our backyard for 19 glorious hours of camping bliss. 
You can see why I was in no hurry to vacate my spot early. I love dirt, earth, grass,  and lack of concrete pads. This park has no sewer hookups. There is a dump station.  All lots come with electric and water. There is an overflow area for campers but no utilities are provided. 
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