Monday, November 28, 2011

Butterflies and Lace

Shopping for the holidays can be fun or a chore. Shopping online makes it super easy. For your friends, you might consider a symbolic theme, then include a card explaining the symbolism.

For instance, far from being a flighty, fluttery symbol - the animal symbolism of the butterfly is about profound changes of the soul.  A butterfly goes through numerous changes throughout their brief lifetime from egg, to larvae, to pupa until it finally unfurls incredible beauty, all in about a month's time. 

The symbol of the butterfly can make a wonderful gift such as a butterfly candle holder for couples on your list or butterfly purses for your close girlfriends. 

Shopping for children can be fun, but if you worry your child may end up with too many toys from relatives and others, then consider gifting them items to be used to redecorate their room with, such as a new bedspread, curtains and decor. 

You can center it around a theme the child likes or something from their heritage or an interest they have such as  gifting Celtic bedding and other decor items to go with it. 

Not only will they have new toys at Christmas but a seemingly new room to play in too. It's certainly nicer than underwear gifts. 

One year, I was absolutely mortified as a young child to have been gifted little girl's lavender underwear that had about 3 miles of lace sewed on it in layers, making it very fluffy and bulky. It came from another child I often played with because our mothers were very close.  I think I was about 4 or 5 years old at the time. 

What's even worse, was my family wanted me to try it on and show it off!  I wanted to climb under the sofa and hide. I thought underwear was private and not to be on display. I retreated to my bedroom to try on the ruffled underwear, then I came back out again with it hidden under my nightgown. I claimed it was itchy and scratched my behind repeatedly until my mother ordered me to go change back out of it. Whew!  Was I ever glad for that. I recall at some point, her thanking the other girl's mother, telling her how absolutely beautiful it was. It was indeed, the prettiest thing in my top drawer, where it stayed safely hidden away.  

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