Saturday, November 12, 2011

Home on The Prairie

I am workamping on the prairie in Florida.  I'm still in a ton of pain with my neck and right arm,  but trying to make a go of it each day. Tomorrow I do a 15 hour shift, so you may not hear from me. I found some Biofreeze in the first aid kit, so I am rolling that around my neck and arm. 

Harley dog and I recently ventured to the Saint Cloud metropolis in Florida, to stock up on provisions. My refrigerator was offering up interesting tidbits...  one egg, half of a  summer squash, 17 green grapes, 2 jalepenos, 3 ounces of shredded mozzerella, 6 ounces of coconut water, a third of a jar of Tahini and a quarter of a jumbo lemon.  Frankly I was stumped. I just couldn't fathom  much of a meal out of that, so it was time to shop for food. However, my pantry has 5 pounds of organic garbanzo beans, so I put some in the crockpot to make more homemade hummus with the lemon and Tahini. 

Saint Cloud is easy for shopping. It's only 32 miles one-way from my workamping. But everything seems to be on the main drag through town, so we made an adventure out of it.   

I quit taking the pain pills in favor of happy pills. The pain is still there, and pretty awful, but I am at least, very happy about it now. 

I didn't want to drive on pain pills anyhow. We found Save-A-Lot and bought some reduced produce plus some bargain cheese and a few assorted odds and ends. At Big Lots we found old bread heavily discounted, and a screaming red sweat shirt for $3.  That will look nice with my black leggings and old boots, and be something warm to wear at 5am when I report for duty at the Hunter's Station. 

Harley was dancing up a storm when we found the Partin Triangle Dog Park at 2830 Neptune Road in St Cloud, Florida.  It was our first visit there, and we didn't even get lost one time. However, poor little Harley was the ONLY dog in the park for the 45 minutes we stayed. He got to run around off-leash and sniff over all the bushes to see which canines he missed. I felt sorry for him, he so wanted another dog or pack of dogs,  to play with but not another soul nor canine, came to the lovely park while we were there. I read somewhere they spent $45,000 on the park.  I guess fencing is very pricey these days. But it did have water, benches and a picnic table. Just no dogs!

It seems that not much is getting done, I am behind on everything it seems. But, I do have a doctor's appointment for November 30th. I guess extreme pain isn't considered an emergency anymore. 

A happy puppy is attached to the string, but he came running up when I snapped the picture. Those are his toys scattered around the yard.  My toys (tools etc.) are scattered on the table. 

The fridge is now full of various bargains we found at assorted stores, while we learned our way around the main drag in Saint Cloud. Problem is, we need a cook. 

Oh right. That's me. 

Someone wants to buy my motorhome!  So funny, as it's not advertised for sale. I made the huge mistake of looking at motorhome ads on the internet today in case I sold mine. Oh what fun that was!  A huge waste of time, but loads of fun daydreaming. Hey, these happy pills are making me rather gleeful!

A new workamper arrived with his one year old puppy dog a few days ago. So far he and Harley either love and play or growl and fight. Tsk tsk tsk!  Never seen Harley act this way before, but now that he is pretty healthy, though still underweight, it's time to consider snip-snip and neuter Harley for singing in the choir.  

It reminds me of a cartoon I once saw of a dog hanging out the back window of a car, calling out to his other canine friends on the street corner. He yells to his buddies "We're going to the vet so I can be tutored!"

Mostly I sleep in cat naps to ease the pain, but woke up after a very strange dream about me only having one leg. I even checked to make sure I had both legs. (I did!)  That was a huge relief. 

It's 7pm, and I am thinking I should make dinner, then snuggle up in bed in anticipation of getting up at 4am. 

Lately the nights and mornings are super cold and the days very warm and pleasant. 

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  1. That's strange that someone wants to buy your MH when it isn't for sale. I would rather deal with an individual than a dealer, so maybe others feel the same way.


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