Thursday, November 17, 2011

Fearless Workamping

Fearless Workamping

I am doing my best here to put up with the long hours and my aches and pains. But I heard a strange story, so sorry I wasn't here to see it for myself. Before I came here, we had agreed on a date, but not a time.  I had already nailed down the location I was supposed to come to for workamping, so I wasn't too worried. On the day I arrived, there was no one to greet me, so I looked over the available campsites, chose one, then started to set up camp. 

The other couple was in their rig, they noticed me, coming out to find out who I was and what I was up to. The lady that hired me for this gig promised to come out in a day or two or so. Her office is nearly an hour away. 

When I finally met her, she was glad I was here and all set up ready to work. She related a curious story to me. 

A couple showed up in their RV to workamp. They called her repeatedly insisting she show up at the remote campground to meet them upon arrival. She got here waiting around for awhile for them to show up. 

Finally a shiny new Class A came roaring,  down the dusty dirt road. Without slowing down, they made the right hand turn into the grassy campground, through the open gate.   Unfortunately, they took out the gate post, knocked down the gate, ran it over, while tearing a large ragged hole down the side of their motorhome from the gate post they had knocked askew. 

The man got out, cursed up a storm, then disentangled his rig from the destroyed gate and post. Somehow he managed to go up to the cleaning station,  turn his rig around, then sped out of here, screaming out his window "We won't ever be back!"  

I guess that's why we were  assigned an extra shifts. 

Scene 2
This picture takes some explanation. It was somewhere near Piedmont, South Carolina when I snapped this picture. On the other side of the RV is a cop car with flashing blue lights directing traffic.  This RV entered traffic so fast, that their rear end scraped then stuck on the inclined parking lot exit, lifting their rear tires an inch or more off the pavement. The end result, they were stuck!  I am so sorry I didn't get a better picture, but I was going pretty fast when I came upon this scene. My camera is slow, and I only got one picture snapped. 

Today the Japanese attacked my comment section imploring me to buy flowers from Japan. Grrrrr...  Blogspot claims to have a great spam catcher, but they seem to miss a lot of the spam so I have to manually remove it all daily. 


  1. Whew! I think I'd rather work the extra hours than have to put up with Mr. ShinyNewAngryGuy. ( long as I was being compensated somehow for the extra hours)

  2. "YES!" to the extra compensation.

    Hey, I know I hectored you into the easier login, but what if you allowed the word verification, but on the same page as the comments? I don't mind using word verification, as long as I don't have to download a second page to do it. Sorry for the spam. :(

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  4. I wonder where some of these people learned to drive. And you'd think with a vehicle so much bigger than the average car would be extra careful!

  5. Blogspot has near zero spam catching power and probably less than 10 people working for them. The formatting hasn't changed in 10 years. I hope you don't pay for this.
    I used them about 10 years ago but they were bad then. Went to yahoo for awhile and now use Google if I want to post something, which is rarely. I do like your blog though.

  6. It's weird. I get shotgunned with spam, some of it really good spam, and Bloogle catches 100% of it. Now and then it catches my friends, too, so that's the kind of repair I have to do.

    Watch me catch spammy hell now.

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