Thursday, November 03, 2011

Toot Toot

Toot toot!  I hope you don't mind, but I am going to toot my horn. 

Over the years readers and fans have been kind enough to post book reviews or sent me glowing emails that made me blush. I owe numerous thank-you's to so many marvelous angels. Yesterday, I went to check on the Dear Miss Mermaid: Child Of The Planet (Kindle Edition) , to see if they had finally put the pictures up, when I noticed someone had already posted a review there. I was so surprised!  It sure made my day, I think I danced through all my chores.

I have reprinted the review both above (on this blog as a banner) and again here in the post (in case you get this blog by subscription only and therefore miss out on my banners and side boxes.)

I guess you could say I am tooting my horn twice. Toot toot!

Best Blog Ever! By S. Maxwell (Wyoming) October 21, 2011
I've read a lot of blogs since blogs have arrived on this earth and this one is by far my favorite! I feel like I'm on a mini-vacation every day when I read of the adventures of Miss Mermaid and her adorable little dog Harley. She has such a clever, entertaining way with words that always makes me laugh...a lot of times out loud! She amazes me with her optimistic outlook and how resourceful she is...she can fix just about anything in her motorhome. She's an amazing cook, sometimes even sharing her recipes (maybe a crockpot recipe book is next?) and one of the best bargain shoppers you'll "meet"! She'll teach you about living your dreams, living each day to its fullest and enjoying all that the beautiful outdoors has to offer.  Submitted by Suz of Wyoming,  October 21, 2011

Review posted at  DearMiss Mermaid: Child Of The Planet (Kindle Edition)

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  1. Well I meant every word of it and it really does brighten my day to read your blog. I'm happy that I could make you dance through your chores. :) You made my day by posting that on your blog...imagine my surprise when I visited today. I just might "dance through my workday". Hugs to you and Harley!

  2. Well, let me thank you and everyone for all their wonderful reviews. :)

  3. You are welcome! I'm pretty sure I'd give your Crockpot book a great review too! Hint, hint. ;)


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