Friday, November 04, 2011

Living The Wild Life

Tuesday the 1st, I actually turned up exactly where I was supposed to be, at my new workamping assignment at Three Lakes Wildlife Management in Kenansville, Florida. I didn't even get lost. This is a part of Florida that many don't know even exists.  

I feel like I have stepped back 100 years in time. 
I haven't seen the lakes yet, but here is the swampy marsh.  

 I think these are called cabbage palms with a backdrop of nearly new pine tree growth. What an odd mixture. It's the view from my bedroom. 

 The final half mile to my new assignment. Dirt roads too.  Funny, how lately I keep ending up going down dirt roads for camping. Luckily it's been recently graded, so it's in fairly good shape. 
 My view out the driver's window as I approach the workamp area. 
 My first sunset on the prairie as viewed from my dining booth in the wheel estate. 

 I picked out one of the spots, then set up camp. In front I have a grassy driveway. 

 The next day I put up the gazebo. That's my grassy driveway in back. I guess you could say I have a pull through spot, very handy for me, since I don't have a car or bicycle. I will be driving my wheel estate to fetch provisions unless some Indian traders, trappers and hunters come by to barter. 
Please don't shoot the mermaid!
The field across the road from me. 

Tomorrow at 5am I start working at the check station. Deer season opens. It should be total chaos!  I hope I survive this new gig. Welcome to my new wild adventure!

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  1. That looks like a really great place to spend some time.

  2. Beautiful pictures! Love all the colors. How long is this new workamp assignment? Looks like a great place to be!


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