Friday, June 28, 2013

A Prettier Park

100F outside
80F inside with air conditioning for now.
The wind speed doesn't work anymore, but that's life.
After years on a sailboat studying air curents, I can pretty much accurately guess the wind. But I miss having the meter to back up my guesses.

I woke up before 6am after convincing myself I was plenty happy and should embrace the day. Then I set about doing the chores I did not want to do. Sometimes it's best to knock those out early, before I am knocked out completely. The spirit was willing but the body was protesting.

Pain makes me lazy.

It was time to clean the air conditioning filters again. I don't think the engineers could have made this any harder if they tried. Luckily I've replaced mine with washable filters so that keeps the cost way down.

Balancing on the step stool with a screwdriver over my head, I managed to hold the overhead ceiling unit while unscrewing the  screws. Some nice wing bolts sure would have been handier. This time I didn't hit myself in the head when the unit came loose. Thank goodness for small favors.

With liberal amounts of dish soap, I hosed the filters clean. Maybe I was little too enthusiastic with the dish soap! It sure took a mountain of rinsing. I put the unit across from the box fan to rapid dry while a small load of laundry worked to get the stink out of my summer clothes. On a day like today, they will dry super quickly too.

Lately, I sweat so profusely that I barely get through the day in one set of clothes. In the Caribbean, on my sailboat, this problem was solved by simply not wearing clothes on a hot day.  I was at anchor, no neighbors to really care, or they were enjoying an all over tan too.

I decided to seriously vacuum the bed and pillows then work my way forward with the noisy dirt sucker. Might as well make life easier on the AC filters. I was a bit amazed at how much crap came out of my bed and pillows. The dog bounces all over my bed playing with his toys or running to see out the windows, hence my need to vacuum it. I also discovered vacuuming is a great way to fluff up the mattress topper again and make the pillows seem like new.
I was using an old handheld vac from Goodwill for $2 but it didn't have a HEPA filter or a whole lot of power. It picked up the big dirt but left the little bits behind. When I discovered this Shark 800 watt corded tiny handheld, I drooled and dreamed.  One day months later,  it went on discounted sale so I snatched it up. A heap of patience... can bring about great savings.

First it takes up very little room and actually has a nice little home in one of my cabinets. Second it is seriously powerful.  It can make you feel great (or disgusted.) The first time I used it on my upholstery, it was absolutely amazing the amount of dirt it sucked right up clogging the HEPA filter. I am sure my gas mileage improved from the lighter load.  It houses a beater bar with rotating brush that does magic on upholstery and bedding.

The HEPA filter can be real fussy to clean (do it outdoors or you'll be sorry) but I am thrilled with it. When you vacuum with this sucker, you can see the dirt and know this machine is seriously working. I clean my HEPA filter after every use so it's ready to go the next time.

Last night the weather gurus said we were going to have a horrific storm with hail, rain, thunder, lightning and damaging gusty winds.  I spent an hour in the dark preparing the patio for such fate.

Not a drop, not a wisp of air. The night was clear and calm.

This morning I cranked the RV awning back out again. Without it, the RV heats up even faster, so it was imperative I put it back up.

Harley dog and I went for a walk in the woods looking for the patio umbrella canvas that blew away the other day when the squall hit. Amazingly we found it. We also picked up a bucket of litter including a cute little boat in the woods and 6 cents.
I am terribly proud at how beautiful Harley and I have made the park with constant litter patrol the past two weeks. Seems like we've been here a lot longer, but my calendar says 2 weeks. When I arrived it looked like a dump.  Now all the litter is gone, the cigarette butts are gone, every little speck of manmade filth is picked up. Even the grass looks happier. That tiny white box in the background is my RV.  As I took this picture, the lake is right behind me. On either side of this particular picnic table are garbage cans. Maybe people will start using them more. The park was empty this early in the morning.

This afternoon, chased inside by the 100F heat wave, we were sitting at the desk by the window when something spit all over the outside glass.

Funny, it's not raining, but it sure was a lot of liquid that spit and ran down the window.

My gosh must be one BIG bird out there. I walked outside with some trepidation expecting to see a microraptor (4 winged dinosaur) perched on the roof.  Instead I found my fresh water hose that services the wheel estate was split open and was gushing.

Good thing I woke up with a smile!

This old hose split in spite of the 40psi water regulator.  I noticed the gauge for the water pressure only read about 45psi before being stepped down to 40psi. I guess all these years in the sun and the water hose had had enough.
Usually a Lead-Free High Flow Water Regulator like this will save one many a water hose. I also have a separate Water Pressure Gauge.  I do try to take care of things, but it all breaks down at some point. Lately it seems everything is trying my patience and stamina! This time the water hose was sacrificed.

Motorhomes needs special lead free drinking water hoses. After looking over my split 25 foot hose, I've decided it's so old and beat up, that it may not be worth the cost of the doodads to repair it. It chose to split in the middle, so that is going to leave me a really short hose or two very short hoses.

Well, by the time I finished writing this it's 89F degrees inside. But all is wonderful, I have plenty of iced tea and a shoebox full of ice. Life is good.

I can't decide if I've made any progress or not. I am beat down wore out exhausted. But there is so much daylight left. I just wish I could wrangle my body into doing more but it's screaming for a nap. 

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