Monday, June 17, 2013

A Tale of a Tail

Below is a phone conversation between my friend and I. His comments are in italics. 

Are you keeping the new workamping assignment?

Yes. Harley loves it here.

Will you stay all winter too?

Good heavens no. Harley can't take the brutal winters.

So how late are you staying?

Probably mid September or so.

Then you're going to Florida?

No. Harley wants to go the mountains first.

Mountains?  You're skipping the beach at Hunting Island?

Good Lord no. Harley loves playing in the sand, I've already made reservations for the beach, after we go to the mountains.

Then you go to Melbourne Florida?

No, we will stop in Orlando to see Harley's friends first.

Are you going to the same park in Melbourne for the winter?

Yes, Harley likes to ride in the bicycle basket to the dog park there.

Will you be workamping?

No, Harley needs a little break from being a Bark Ranger.

Your travels seem to be planned around Harley.

What on earth ever gave you that idea???

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  1. Harley looks like a "keeper!" I'd be letting him "call the shots" too! :-)


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