Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Dumpster Diva

Above is a shot of the park where I have spent three spring and summers workamping.  This section is closed to cars this year. Harley is thrilled, because we go play ball both in the closed street and further down where the land slopes down to the lake. That patch of blue in the background is part of the lake, which is joyfully at full pond since my arrival.

Harley will run back and forth, playing ball until he is out of breath, his heart racing, his tiny body heaving, and yet he can't seem to stop himself. He gets this goofy happy look on his face.

My life seems to always be one repair after another. I seem to always be trying to repair old stuff, salvaging parts, recycling, upcycling, repurposing, reconfiguring,  and  dumpster diving.

Some days I amaze myself, things actually get done. Recently I had to track down an electrical problem. Yucky poo. I forced myself to learn new things in the name of keeping the cost efficient.

We (doggy and I) are continually picking up litter in the park and around the lakeshore. I have a long handle picker and a small grody bucket. Sometimes I find something nifty amongst all the crap. When I see coins, I pick them up. A tip!  Wow!

Tomorrow I am taking the wheel estate out for a ride if all goes well. I want to top up the gas tank for hurricane season and pick up a little bit of food for the fridge. I haven't driven the motorhome in nearly a month, so it's time to exercise the engine.

Today I did massive cleaning and organizing both inside and out.  I am amazed at how neat and orderly things look. Even my cabinets and little closet look nice. Wow.

Life is good!

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  1. That is a really nice picture of the park. It looks so peaceful, and what a wonderful place for a game of "chase the ball".


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