Friday, June 14, 2013

Hot, Humid and The AC Is Dying

Right when I thought I had things simplified, they went and got complicated. My old equipment is just breaking down left and right.  Yeah, my body, my dog and my wheel estate.

Harley injured himself, and I have a major boo boo that has left me very weak.

Aw shucks, the computer ate my post. Oh well. I shall restart...

The heat has just fried my head and it's not working right.  It's funny that I spent over two decades in the tropics with no heat or air conditioning.

Now my air conditioner has decided not to work on hot days. It's maddening. It only works on cool days.

America has heated up the ambient temperature  with a zillion cars, concrete jungles and huge ribbons of black asphalt. So funny to think that 30 years ago, when computers were entering our lives, the pros said this will save us all tons of gasoline and mountains of paper.  We'll be able to tele-commute and mail-order, you won't need nor want to drive a personal car each and every day. Global warming will be a thing of the past.

Ha ha ha!  Were we ever wrong!

How many people (besides me) do you know that can refrain from driving their car every day?  It seems traffic snarls are everywhere.

Used to be you could spend a few dollars in a store and get a teeny tiny one inch square receipt. Now that same purchase spits out well over a foot of paper with excessive details about your purchase, your cashier, invitations for surveys, advertisements and coupons for products unrelated, plus disclaimers and lack of liability notices and so on.

How is it we grew up in a neighborhood where no one had air conditioning and now that same area is so ridiculously hot that all the homes have added central air.

On certain days, the parking lot below my campsite puts off so much heat it wafts up here to the hill I am on and stays. So my thermometer shoots up over 100F degrees and my AC decided to go bye-bye.

My air conditioning was laboring hard to keep at 82F, but has since become cantankerous, tripping breakers every 9-12 minutes between 1pm and 4pm. My new pics came out blurry or else they have sweat dripping on the camera but temps went up to 106F outside and 92F inside then the AC started going through final death throes.

So far I've snagged a fan for $20 while I figure out what to do next.

I drank a whole gallon of iced tea in 3 hours and still feel faint. I stink too!  Apparently I have smelly sweat. Luckily the dog doesn't care. But he is drinking numerous bowls of water. I put ice in his bowl and it just sizzles and melts in a matter of minutes.

Well, I have to close now and go work on Plan B, or C or D.

Life is wonderful but it sure is hot and humid.


  1. Hot and sweltering here in FL too :( Waiting for our central AC to crap out for good soon! Hope you and Monkey make it through this heat wave.

    The Troutman

  2. Hi!! Once a year you have to go on the roof, take off the shroud and put a couple drops of oil in 2 different areas. Where the fan shaft is.
    I just did this to mine, and I have to do it every year. It's a hot, horrible job!! If the fan runs when you turn it on then this is not the problem. Just thought I'd tell you what I have to do..
    Hope you can get it working right. It's so dang hot. I'm in Tampa, Fl.
    I have just started reading your posts. I am so jealous of you. I wish I could travel like you do. My RV has a transmission leak, and now it won't star. Has been sitting for 4 years now, since my husband passed away. I can't afford to pay anyone to fix it. So I know how you feel when things break down. I am still living in mine, maybe someday I will get another. Have a great day, and try to keep Harley and yourself cool.

  3. Yikes! That's too hot with the humidity. My RV doesn't have air, but I have a Maxx Air ceiling fan and two 12-volt fans. Try to stay cool!

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