Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Another Storm Despite Fair Weather Prediction

Bad storm here today.  More damages. Incredible hail, wind, blowing rains. 

Stung by something nasty before the storm. It zapped me completely. 

A wild roller coaster of a day!

Got up at dark thirty, smiling, happy, made some stout coffee, washed my long hair. At first dawn woke up the puppy for a photo shoot through the park. Cantankerous camera. Grrrrr...

Weather said pretty and clear. Ha!

Set up the patio with the box fan, hauled out my third cup of coffee and laptop. Filled up the doggy water bowl, set up his breakfast.

My hair was half dry by now, so I decided to tackle the ends with a pair of new scissors. No I am not a hair dresser by any means at all. That is why I have such long hair. When all was said and done, I guess I trimmed about 3 inches off the length but it's still fairly long.

I was proud that it looked nice.

I sat down to type outside when I was suddenly attacked by a critter unseen. I jumped up hollering, my right shoulder felt like I had been shot with a thousand super hot tiny pins and needles.

Flailing around I found some OFF and sprayed all over my shoulder as best I could, under my shirt, and even on top of it. Finally ran inside pulled off shirt and sprayed some more. It felt like something was still zinging me, crawling around but I couldn't find it.

Not sure why I thought OFF would help. I sat back down to type. The pain was excruciating. I felt light headed and suddenly very exhausted.

Instead of coffee, I drank a bunch of water to try to flush the poisons out. By now I was so weak, I couldn't sit up anymore. I brought the laptop back inside, laid down feeling dreadful and fell asleep.

A friend woke me up by phone to tell me to put apple cider vinegar on my shoulder. I soaked a paper towel, slapped it down on the injured spot. It stung like I was being attacked again.

Laid back down smelling like a salad. Frighteningly exhausted.

Woke up to hail on the roof and a mini hurricane. Ran outside to do battle with the umbrella and awning. Storm destroyed the umbrella but not the awning.

This evening I took Harley for a walk, but we had to stop and rest 8 times. We came back with a bucket full of litter, so at least something was accomplished. I was beginning to think we might need to ask for a ride.  The last 100 yards took an awfully long time.

Whatever stung me has really put my lights back out. My tummy is unhappy and I feel like dog poop. Everything aches.

I think it's back to bed for me.

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  1. Oh no, I hope you feel better soon! I'm allergic to bee stings, so I feel for you...


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