Monday, June 17, 2013

Parade of Picnic Pushers

My new workamping spot included an 8 foot 8 ton picnic table which was located down the hill from my camper.

I began pushing it a few inches at a time.  I figured I would have it up to my patio in about two weeks. Some maintenance guys came by and moved it about a foot then left. They said they would write a report for another maintenance guy to come tow it up the hill with a chain and heavy equipment.

Maybe he'll come next week or next month.  In the interim, I shall shove it a little hither and yonder.

A few hours later a female ranger stopped by and we moved it together about another two feet before we pooped out. Later in the day, I heaved it a few inches. That was Friday.

Saturday morning, I poked and prodded it on it's way. Someone else stopped by and helped me move it a few feet. Then a young sturdy ranger appeared at some point determined to help me get it up over the steep hump to the patio.  He was one strong dude!

Amazing. Only took a day and a half, not the two weeks I estimated. Today I shoved and pushed it around the patio until I got it in my preferred spot.

"Completes projects ahead of time..."

For the past few days Harley dog and I have done lots of litter pickering walks. He is leashed up to the bucket and in my other hand is my long handle litter picker.

Over my shoulder is a small bag with the Hartwell Lake maps and literature.

When we took a tour  of our new preserve Thursday afternoon we were horrified at the mountain of litter scattered liberally throughout the park in spite of the numerous trash cans. The maintenance folks are overworked trying to keep the cans emptied and orderly. They try to pick up the scattered mess, but it's just everywhere and they are on time constraints to clean up numerous parks all around the lake, every day so it is equally frustrating for them.

While my volunteer duties are lengthy, oddly enough picking up garbage isn't on the list. But this random anonymous litter is disgusting.

"Let's go somewhere beautiful and trash it!"

So bit by bit Harley and I are meandering around the park, filling up our battered bucket time and time again.  I smile while I do this, even though no one can see me smile because my chin is almost always aimed downwards.

Mother earth is so gorgeous. She doesn't deserve this abuse. But we are slowly trying to make things right again. It's a win-win situation. Exercise for me and the dog plus a cleaner park.  Each time our walk is a little more beautiful with a little less garbage. What a treat!

Once in awhile we find coins. Harley is very excited about this because all the coins go into his tiny coin and poop bag purse for his future.

His future being next week's food with possibly a new toy one of these days.

He is also enjoying being able to mark the entire park to let everyone know the Bark Ranger has arrived and is on patrol.

We found a brand new wallet, empty save for a 17 year old's driver license. He just got it too. Unable to locate his phone number through searching the internet, I mentioned it to the ranger who stopped by.  She took it to the main office to mail it back to the kid. Boy won't he be surprised when that turns up in his mailbox!

Earth's Biggest Selection!

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  1. I lost my driver's license a couple of months ago. However, by the time it was mailed back to me I had replaced it! :-(


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