Monday, June 03, 2013

Harley Dog In Trouble

If one third of the fatal car accidents are caused by drunk drivers does that mean the other two thirds, can't drive any better than a drunk?

Harley dog broke his house key. Can you believe it?  A six pound dog could bend a metal key so badly, it broke off in the lock.

A certain pet parent, had to spend hours trying to get the broken key unstuck from the lock.


I was locking up the wheel estate so we could go for a walk. Harley has his own house key attached to his leash.  Just as I tried to turn the key to lock the deadbolt, someone drove up. Harley leaped out suddenly trying to go meet them at their car and...

He bent the key!

Good grief. It broke right off. Snap!  Half a key on his leash, half stuck in the lock. Both of us on the outside. Locked out.

Finally one VERY exhausted pet parent managed to open the lock an hour later. Then after extracting the other broken half from the lock, I tossed the ruined key bits into the garbage.

"That's coming out of your toy allowance too! No more toys!" I told him.


  1. Hi Miss Mermaid,

    I just wanted to drop by and say hello. I am an old BVI reader and have followed you for years. I am so happy to see you are doing well (and Harley) and still RVing. I'll be stopping by often to say hi. Take care, sweetheart!

    Heather in Nola


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