Tuesday, June 25, 2013

A Short Lifetime

I've been at the new workamping for 10 days now. My goodness, it feels like I've been here 6 months. 

Harley dog and I have done litter patrols several times a day. I haven't been able to ride my bike because all this walking is wearing me out quickly. My stamina is just not anywhere near where I wish it was. We seem to about have this park shipshape with 99% of the random litter picked up.  Of course folks still toss it out but it seems like they aren't throwing near as much around. 

My bicycle below awaits my attention while reposing under a cover. This new tablecloth was tossed out months ago by some campers who threw away nearly everything they brought with them. I was camped at Rodman Dam in Florida. We had a horrific storm one night. The next morning the tent neighbors threw all their camping gear in the garbage then sped away taking only their chairs with them. I was already at the dumpster going through their stuff. The table cloth is thick vinyl with a felt underside. It's perfect for keeping my shiny red bike out of the elements between rides. 

It's amazing how much garbage we find within 50 feet of one of the park's numerous garbage cans. We also hand out reminders for the folks that keep forgetting to pay their parking fee on the honor system. I also offer them mail-in applications for annual passes. It seems a lot of folks have taken advantage of the pass system lately. So that is all well and good. 

Since our mail box is at least a quarter mile away uphill, we are now tackling the roadside trash. That may take all summer. My bucket fills up just cleaning a 10 foot strip. There are no garbage cans around, so I have to hike back home with it. What's mind boggling is that on one side of the street is nicely kept homes. On the other side of the road, heaps of litter. 

Two little dogs with no collars, no tags, follow Harley and I around. It's a bit annoying, they seem to have no owners.  Cars come by, slamming on brakes to avoid the loose doggies and one driver even yelled at me.  My dog is on a leash but there is no way I can take on another loose canine. My motorhome is tiny, and Harley is a handful. 

I am surprised someone would turn their tiny dogs loose what with all the trucks and traffic coming and going to the boat ramp. This is a popular park for boat launching as well as swimming and picnicking. 

We have a free life jacket loan system in place now. The bright orange jackets hand on hooks by the swim area. Amazingly a lot of swimmers do use the life jackets. Many are kind enough to return them to their hooks. 

So far two deaths on the lake this year, both last week. Thankfully none were at this park. But still it's sad that two have passed on while messing about the lake. 

Be safe.

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