Saturday, June 08, 2013

Electronic Wars and the Mathematically Challenged

I am having some issues with electricity, internet, computer, camera, phone and this blog platform.

Other than that, life is good!

Maybe I should give up on technology and find a cave to scratch out some pictures and stories on the walls.

We've had storms galore and a few frights that probably shortened my life, but hey, I woke up alive, and that is good enough for me.

Lake Hartwell where we volunteer workamp, is above full pond with emerald green waters. What a beautiful world. Flowers are in bloom, birds are twittering.

Harley is thrilled with his new vest harness.

Harley got into a fight with his old harness.  For some fool reason harnesses for small dogs are made in one size fits everything with bulky adjustment methods that render them lumpy and uncomfortable for a petite dog.

Small wonder he simply got fed up with it one day and tried to modify it with disastrous results. His cute little red and white vest harness is fraying apart at the seams, not that he is fat, but repeated wearings and washings have rendered it a step above rags.

I was forced into shopping in China, oops I mean Walmart, my least favorite place (overpriced) but the closest thing (only 14 miles away) to a pet store around here that might have a replacement.  I would have thought that Walmart would have loads of inventory, but I was wrong. They had 4 vest harnesses and lots of empty hooks on the pet product displays. One cute harness vest in yellow with black trim was way too big, the next was screaming pink, the remaining two were close to his size, both blue, one dark and one light blue. Harley settled on the light blue one.

It's still kind of big and loose, but so far he hasn't been able to escape it. I guess it will keep him aired out and cool for the summer months. It has  attachments for his leash and nothing goofy on it,  so we are both happy campers.

I caved in and bought him a small inexpensive box of golf balls.  The lake finally ate his last golf ball. We are up on a hill overlooking the water, boat ramp and parking lot. Sometimes Harley accidentally throws his golf ball down the hill and the lake swallows it. Hopefully this box of a dozen will see him through the next year.

We tried to use the speedy checkout lane in Walmart for the shoppers with 20 and under items. If you don't think that the majority of the shoppers are illiterate and can't count, then just try standing in the speedy checkout line. Of the 9 people in front of us, 8 clearly had well over 20 items in their buggy and apparently were unable to read the large printed signs or count up their items.

This might explain why Walmart seemed woefully understaffed when it came to cashiers. Maybe it's just hard to find folks with basic reading and 'rithmatic skills.

But that's OK, I stood there for nearly a half hour, waiting my turn. I smiled like a grinning fool, ever so grateful that I am able to count and read. I felt sorry for the others, what a dismal life they must lead.

The cashier looked exhausted when my turn finally came but she mustered up a smile and a greeting. I leaned over and whispered "I never knew so many people couldn't read or count, until I stood in this line."

She began laughing so hard that I started giggling too, her loud roaring chuckles were contagious.  The store seemed to fall silent while folks turned to stare at us.  Finally she pulled herself together long enough to say "Oh, you made my day!"

I am still confused. 

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