Friday, June 21, 2013

Found It

Well, I've been at the new workamping site for a week now. I get up early, open up every shade on every window and look out at my little domain.  It's beautiful.

Below is one of the gorgeous views I am treated to while walking the dog and litter pickering. To the right is the lakeshore, the land in the middle is lake islands. Oh so pretty. 

Lately I relocate to the patio to wake up with coffee. Harley keeps on sleeping until I make dog walking noises such as grabbing his leash with the motorhome key jangling on it. I replaced the house key he broke a few weeks ago. Silly dog.

We never do the same route twice. This keeps him confused. Sometimes he tries to tug me his way, all 6 pounds of him and he pulls like I am a wagon he must move with all his might.

Other times I stop to watch him pull and tug, to see what holds his attention then I say "Come along" and he reluctantly goes my way.

So far only one electrical breaker has tripped once in a week.  Maybe my ancient air conditioner wanted to move. If it hadn't of been for it acting up, or the electrical power to my RV misbehaving, I would have never asked the volunteer coordinator about moving.

Funny how something great came out of something worrisome.

At my new spot, the sun rises over the front  of the RV and sets in the back. My front door faces the south with the patio.

I've figured out how to keep the RV cool in the heat of the day. You have to start in the morning!

I dug out my windshield reflector screen. That is one of those silver type cardboard shades people use on their car. I also have curtains that hang around the front windshield and cover the two side windows.

The sun comes in the windshield intently, but the reflective shade and the curtains, really helped the RV cool in a hurry in the morning. When the afternoon heat hits, then it keeps chugging along. Not super cool, but cool enough for me to seek refuge.

I am still on the fence about replacing it. But for now all is well and good.

I even found my mailbox finally. Yippie!

It is up the hill, outside of the park, three houses up the road at the sharp curve, it shares a post with another mailbox in front of someone's house.    I love the way somebody added "at lake" perhaps for UPS and FedEX to keep driving.

When it was set up, the other houses weren't built yet, so my box used to be at the end of the postman's trail. But as more houses built closer to the park, I guess nothing got done about possibly relocating the box.


  1. oh, it IS beautiful there! I have to turn my RV into a dark cave this time of year to keep the portable a/c working to keep it tolerable....reflectix on my kitchen window, which is on the back of the rig. curtain over the entry door. shade thing on front window, although I still use a bonnet. curtain over the cab area, behind the portable a/c to contain the heat it makes behind it. I don't like it so dark though...
    have a great day!

  2. Sounds like a great spot! Hope Harley appreciates it:)

  3. What a beautiful spot to spend the summer. What do you do in exchange for your RV site?

    1. Every workamping situation is different. I have a list of duties and then there are optional things I do as a volunteer. It's a great way for me to live in a beautiful place.


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