Thursday, December 17, 2015

A New RV

I've been seriously daydreaming about getting a new/used RV. Anything unique catches my eye, but there is the price of eccentricity to consider.

As the cost of camping keeps going up, I  look for creative solutions to keep merrily rolling along.

Perhaps I need to downsize and look for something more economical to operate and maintain, yet still gives me that sweet home sweet home feeling.


I think I've finally found the perfect combination between economy  and home sweet home livability.

Now if I can pare down my possessions and talk Harley out of not hauling his 42 dog toys everywhere we go, then this might just work out fine.



  1. I am not sure, but that rig might be considered pet abuse:)

  2. I Always thought that our paths might cross someday and I would stop and say hello. But on second thought maybe not...stay safe, Martha

  3. that's my home, you can't have it.

    ice cream. raz

  4. xzEach to their own! I'm sure whoever owns it thought it was a good idea. Merry Christmas week


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