Wednesday, December 23, 2015


Happy Holidaze to all!

merry christmas from dear miss mermaid
This whimsical scene welcomes campers at
A Big Wheel RV Park in St Marys Georgia

I feel so USEFUL. Two days in a row I managed to ride to two different grocery stores on my bicycle!

Traffic still terrifies me but I am learning to cross the street pretty quickly while saying prayers and imagining a protective angelic shield around me that might prevent distracted drivers from mowing me down. So far it works!

In both cases, I rode way out of my way to find easier less congested intersections to cross at. Might as well make it easier on those unsung heroes, the unseen angels.

I have also used my bicycle to pick up the mail. Luckily I wasn't going far when I picked up this load.

The cool thing about my rear baskets, is that they just hook on the rear bracket. At the grocery store, I removed one basket to take inside the store. When I purchased my food, I packed it in the basket, carried it outside to my bicycle then hooked it back on again. How cool is that?



  1. Fun Post... hope you have a Merry Christmas !

    Lynn in GA

  2. like the basket idea. no having to guess if all your stuff will fit. it's a joy to have 5lbs with a 4lbs basket. ask me how i know that. i actually drive out of my way to find find friendlier roads to use. none of work truck have ever been noted for being quick. none.

    ice cream. raz


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