Friday, December 11, 2015

Blewout Our Blowout Anniversary Celebration

Made it to Melbourne ALIVE!

Took over three hours of phone calls to finally get 20 minutes worth of roadside service south of Daytona on I-95.

My "Roadside Servivce Provider" is even worse than Obamas ridicuous insurance scam, oops I mean scheme.

I pay Progressive for roadside assistance for my motorhome. This is the first time I have ever used it in 6 years. Back in 2010 I had to be towed in an emergency, but that was AAA. They left me by the side of the road from early afternoon until way past dark thirty, so I didn't bother to renew them when I found out Progressice had tacked on this roadside service to my policy without ever asking me if I even wanted it.

The inside rear tire on the on the passenger side of the motorhome blew out in a maze of road construction. The noise from the blow was horrific. The motorhome jumped up and down like a stallion looking to fight.

I was able to maintain control of the wheel estate to pull over but the shoulder was tiny with tall weedy grass, fire ants and sandspurs plus heavily littered with broken and busted contruction debris like the amber lights.

I am dead tired ready to sleep. It was nerve wracking to be on side of raod wit bi trucks and suersisse
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  1. Glad to read your off the roadway and hopefully safe.

  2. I checked back just to see if you left a post. So happy that you're safe. Get lots of rest. Be safe, Martha

  3. I had a similar experience--twice! So, I know how loud and scary that experience is. Much better to have an inside dually blow than a front tire, however. In my case, I had CoachNet, but the first service place they called admitted they had never jacked up a motorhome, so I had to wait an extra couple of hours for someone with a jack who knew what they were doing.

    Glad you are safe and made it to your destination.


  4. It is 4 a.m. but I had to check and see if you got any assistance. I'm glad to hear you are safe.

  5. Safe and weary!

    You all sent me good angelic thoughts that got me on my way.



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