Thursday, December 31, 2015

Home Depot Management Bored?


I recently rode with a 68 year old friend to Home Depot who wanted to buy a few cans of spray paint and some other things. I love to snoop around Home Depot drooling over ideas for my wheel estate decor. I looked for rocking chairs, there were none. I looked at house plants that produce oxygen, they were too big. I looked for waterproof storage containers and couldn't find them. I looked at cabinet handles and shocked myself by checking prices.

Finally I see my friend standing in line at the long cashier line. I go join him.

I mean this guy is nice looking, he could pass for 50-ish, but he's not THAT youthful to push it any further.

I ask you SERIOUSLY have you ever seen a 68 year old that looked under 18?


Well apparently the cashier HAS. She demanded picture ID of my friend in order to buy spray paint. She "claimed" that because "kids" were buying spray paint to sniff, that she had to prove he was over 18.

I guess you have to be over 18 to sniff paint?

How old do you have to be if you actually want to buy paint and PAINT with it?

Does Home Depot have a serious problem with little children coming in to buy spray paint to sniff?

Will this solve the problem by having the cashier hold up the line while a senior citizen digs around looking for picture ID to buy PAINT?

Is management at Home Depot bored and just sitting around thinking up ways to slow down the cashier line?

This world is too complicated for me.

When I was a kid my mom sent me to the store all by myself to buy a can of spray paint and other items on her short list. She was in the middle of a project and the can had run out. I don't recall anyone thinking it unusual for a kid to be shopping with mom's list including a can of spray paint. I made it home without showing ID and mom finished her project.

It never occurred to us to "sniff" the spray paint. Granted when you use the stuff it typically sets up a stink that can't be avoided and we wrinkle our nose and run from it as quick as the painting is done.

In this crazy world of having our every move tracked and traced, it seems insanity that now spray paint requires picture ID. At least it does at this Home Depot in north Melbourne, Florida. 

Do I think we did a thing to prevent a child from sniffing spray paint?  No, I don't think we did.

When we came out of the store, I warned my friend "BEWARE! We might get MUGGED by little kids wanting to sniff your paint!"

We walked super fast to the car and left as rapidly as possible.


  1. you had me at the LONG line. i don't do long lines. at the er maybe. not homers or dollar general. yesterday. put it down and leave. let them restock it.

    ice cream. raz

  2. You should try buying Sudafed for a stuffy nose!


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