Saturday, December 26, 2015

Another Fiery Sunrise

My friend and I have been RV shopping at used rigs for fun. There are times I daydream about replacing my rig, but so far none of the ones I look at seem like home sweet home.

So I clean and organize my wheel estate then give it a great big hug!

cooking in an RV
Years back a few milk crates were given to me. I am still using them in a multitude of ways. On a warm day, dinner can be cooked outside in a crockpot sitting on the milk crates.

Below, Harley celebrates his birthday and Christmas fighting with his new toys on his old rug. Hard to believe the little trouble maker is 6 years old now. Still has those long spindly skinny legs trying to hold up his diminutive body which he heavily abuses.

RV pets, RV dog, RV cat
Recently Harley was outside on his short leash hooked up to a long tether. I am blessed to have a roomy RV lot this winter, all grassy, no pavement or concrete.  Because my wheel estate is so small, I can park far from the campground park road.

Well, Harley fancies himself a 200 pound guard dog. A new RVer was out walking his great big doggy. His dog probably weighed at least 120 pounds or more. Harley was at the end of his tether straining and barking at the stranger and his canine. Before I could shut him up, Harley broke the metal part of his leash, the swivel and hook.

Because the little monkey was lunging at the end of his leach which broke, it shot him across the property and next thing he knew he was face to face with the jumbo sized dog at the edge of the paved park road.

Harley shut up and suddenly wagged his tail furiously fast in an attempt to befriend the giant dog before he became merely an appetizer. Well it worked, turns out the big doggy likes little crazy canines, so Harley made a new friend.

Honest to goodness... ANOTHER broken leash? This guy is rough on his equipment. Luckily I keep spare leashes around. I did get several years out of that leash and it was only a $1 special deal from Dollar Tree. Also it has been "dragged" up and down beaches and out in nature. Places where I secretly let Harley have some freedom.

wickham park, melbourne, florida
The view out my window on the driver's side of the wheel estate reveals a fiery sunrise.

Any day the sun comes up, it's another miracle of life! Enjoy! Rejoice! Go forth. Be happy. Do something awesome.

Life is goof!

wickham park, melbourne, florida

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  1. i'd tell you that i hate picking on you but why lie? go to a real pet store and buy a leash with a lifetime guarantee. which is what i did for meadow my short legged chocolate labby. she was a terror on leases.

    ice cream. raz


Life is goof!