Friday, December 11, 2015

Broke Down Blow Out


I have Progressive Insurance that came with Roadside assistance for motorhomes.

My rear inside tire blew out while traversing road construction on I-95 at about 11am.

I pulled over and looked at the mess thinking I could make it to the next exit, but turns out that was 10 miles away and the tire refused to go.

I called Progressive roadside assistance at 11:15 am.

Progressive Roadside service is clueless about motorhome assistance yet they included this on my policy. I had to go over and over with their live agent explaining my coverage and my motorhome.

The first folks they called for assistance, refused to come because *duh* they don't handle motorhomes. Progressive had told them it was a trailer. *duh*

So much for talking to a live agent!

Many phone calls later they escalated my call to a supervisor who wasted a lot of my time, suggesting I should work out my own roadside assistance and then file for a claim.

I tried to limp my wheel estate to the next exit, but she just won't go.

So here I sit by the side of the road getting blown all over creation, waiting for a miracle.

Life is goof.

Progressive shouldn't sell roadside assistance to motorhomes if they aren't going to service them.

More later.


  1. Do keep us posted. I hope to hear a good report.

  2. it's this kind of "service" that is directly related to why we no longer have progressive. "cheap rates" and even cheaper or no service. ours was hail damage.

    please keep us posted.

    ice cream. raz

  3. I'm so sorry for the trouble you're going through. Like the other comments please keep us posted. Hopefully with a positive solution to the predicament you find yourself in. Please stay as safe as you can. Martha


Life is goof!