Thursday, December 10, 2015

Scream of Terror

The picnic area was devoid of activity except for Sasquatch.

Over the years, I've discovered that if a picnic area doesn't offer free Wifi, then chances are it will be completely deserted. Enjoy!

If you crave some relaxing time with nature, pack a picnic and head out to your nearest non-Wifi picnic area.

Last summer on a super hot day (99F degrees with 99% humidity)  my beloved motorhome was at the mercy of a transmission specialist, I found myself with doggy, a shattered wrist, and a helper friend in search of dog-friendly activities.

The waiting room at the transmission clinic was dark and dismal, containing hard metal folding chairs and nothing else. Not even a window. Clearly they preferred customers wait somewhere else. Besides this was an all-day repair I had scheduled in advance because they were so backed up.

We rented a car for the day because we had to be "somewhere" while the rig was being repaired. First we went shopping for used RV's. We've discovered that RV salesman absolutely love puppy dogs and allow one to shop with same. But after touring about a half dozen, we were covered in sweat. Time to find a new venture.

Which Harley dog fell in LOVE with an RV and we had a heck of a time extricating him from his chosen new used home. Naturally he picked the biggest rig on the lot, a 45 foot band bus that had 12 bunks with 4 of them floor level next to thick luxurious dog friendly carpeting. He even crawled into his favorite bunk, curling up on the mattress to test it on for size. It also had a aisle that ran the length of the rig which he raced up and down quite gleefully.

Once we dragged him out of the bus and back to the cramped rental car, I suggested Paris Mountain State Park. It was about an hour away, but the car had AC, so it wasn't too bad a ride.

We ended up buying a picnic and supplies, driving to  Paris Mountain. That morning when leaving the RV we had snatched up my little cooler. As we climbed up the hairpin turns, trying to gain some elevation and shade, we noticed the picnic areas in the park were empty. We had hundreds of choices in picnic areas including many large shady picnic shelters that were available.

No wifi, no crowds. Nobody picnicking on a beautiful summer day in the mountains of South Carolina.

Recently this scene was duplicated in Florida. It was a gorgeous day in the low 70's with gentle winds and no humidity to speak of.

At Gold Head Branch state park (Kestone Heights, Florida) we rode our bicycles all over the park. It's probably the only place in Florida with HILLS. The park had numerous gorgeous picnic areas but nary a soul around.

No wifi, no crowds.

More nature for us!

Life is goof.

A pet lizard lives inside the display case at the picnic area.

I am SO amused at the rule "Pets must be well-behaved at all times."

I wish the parks had that rule for children and adults.

At one park I camped at, there were some people traveling with a child that screamed at the top of her lungs numerous times like her arm had been chopped off. I think the parents might have been child deaf. The first time I heard this sheer scream of terror, I tried to speed walk as fast as I could to go see if I could help. Was an alligator tearing the child apart? Had she fallen on an axe and split her head open? Could I remember CPR if the need arose?

But, um no, the child had stuck a toe in the lake and that deserved an ear piercing scream. Just about anything that child did over the next few days required a heart stopping scream of terror.

Go figure.

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  1. they are like that in indiana, also. i love it.

    sherbet. raz


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