Thursday, December 31, 2015

Yappy Howlidays!

Yappy Howlidays 

from Harley's home to yours!

May the new year pawsitively bring you many joyous days of laughter and fun!

Harley celebrates his 6th birthday with a romp with his toys sent to him by a Super Secret Santa!

His day was made special with a massaging bath in the kitchen sink, followed by coconut conditioning,  a new harness, organic dog treats, roast turkey, a bicycle ride, cheese (instead of cake) a game of ball and a game of Frisbee.

In this picture Harley is bringing back his new soft festive Frisbee for another throw. That yellow thing behind him is his big sissy dog pacifier he loves to toss up in the air, catch it, shake it and make it squeak.

Harley belongs in the circus!

Oh wait... my life is a circus.


  1. Happy New Year!,, Stay safe, Martha

  2. Happy Birthday Harley and many, many more.


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