Thursday, September 29, 2011

Ask The Aliens


How did I lose my shoes and the dog leash?  I still have the dog and my feet.  So what happened?

It's a mystery!  Were the dog and I abducted by aliens?  Did they keep my shoes and his leash as  souvenirs?  We left on our walk with shoes and a leash. Where did they go?  Where did we go?  Where are the aliens?

The only picture on my camera. I put the black board around it. Kind of tacky too, now that I look at it. 

How come I've been doing laundry for 3 days and I am still not caught up?  Oh yeah.  No dryer.  Short clothes line. Small memory.  I wash all I can then hang it  up until I run out of clothesline. Then I have to wait for stuff to dry before I can wash more. 

That explains the 3 days. 

Also, I got into an autumn equinox cleaning mode.  That's similar to a spring cleaning. I decided everything that was washable and not nailed down, should go in the washing machine. 

Except the dog.

He went into the kitchen sink.

Not that he was thrilled, but once he was all nice and clean, he seemed smitten with himself. 

Then I cleaned the kitchen, sterilizing the sink and counter tops. You can't tell the dog had a bath there. He doesn't seem to shed at all. Must be the  poodle noodle in him. (Poodles don't shed.) 

Next I bathed myself, because wet doggy put puppy soap on  me, my shirt, my shorts, my feet... Now he smelled fluffy clean.  I smelled like a dog.  How does that work?

This canine was exhausted after he bathed for 30 seconds and shook himself dry for the next 54 minutes.  He wearily climbed into his freshly washed, sun dried puppy bed for a well deserved nap. 

While straightening up the wheel estate, (does that make me sound unbalanced? I found a pill.  I thought I swallowed that!  Does my neck have a hole in it?  

The pill looked rather clean. I dusted off any minute dust it may have,  then swallowed it with some green tea.  I mop my floors with straight white vinegar, so nothing dangerous on the pill I hoped.   I forgot to check the mirror.  (To look at my neck. )

Did you know today was Thursday?  

I didn't.  Ever since my clock  broke, I have been confused. 

There is this little pill minder that is separated into 7 days.  Each little day holds 3 identical pills that I need every day of my life.   

When I opened up Wednesday's pills, it was empty.  Ah ha!  Maybe I dropped all 3 of them?  How come I don't remember dropping the pills?  I found 1, which I duly consumed.  So, I swept the floor throughout the motorhome.  No pills. Not even a moldy dust bunny encrusted one. 

I pulled out the antique Singer Vacuum cleaner I found at a Goodwill Store for $2 or $3, at a store three or four states over when I was traveling here.  Or there.  Or some where. It's old,weighty, powerful, with a long heavy duty cord. I vacuumed the motorhome including the upholstery. I cleaned out the vacuum, (lots of my hair, dirt, dust, a penny, 2 bobby pins, a broken rubber band, a paper clip, bits of shredded dog toy plastic pieces plus fluffs of stuffing from unstuffed puppy toys but No pills. 

I sat down at my computer. The date is now Thursday. But I am still on Wednesday.  Thursday's little box has 3 pills in it. I guess I didn't drop any after all. The one I found must have fallen out of a hole in my head after I swallowed it on Wednesday.  


Ask the aliens. 

~~~Note:  If this is formatted funny, it's because I got tired of arguing with blogger's new post editor. Please accept my apologies.  

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  1. I admit to being a bit confused, but then some think that is my natural state:)


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