Friday, September 09, 2011

Picnics Are Still in Vogue

I've always enjoyed picnics. You can keep your fast food drive throughs, just send me out in nature with a picnic basket. I'm one happy camper. 

Growing up, we always took a picnic with us on trips. Our father loved to drive through the Blue Ridge Mountains, so in the car went all the kids, mom, and a picnic basket. Sometimes we took the dog too, as back then, dogs were pretty much welcomed anywhere you took them. 

There was no shortage of picnic tables at government owned parks and by the roads. Many families traveled with picnic baskets and coolers.  Even when we went to Walt Disney World, we had an agreed upon time to meet at the exit so we could go on a family picnic. After lunch, we went back to the park for more rides. 

When I was a teenager, one of my most memorable dates was a romantic picnic. This guy fancied himself as a gourmet chef in the making, so he made this exotic luncheon. Off to the mountains we went, where we hiked to a spectacular waterfall. He spread out a plaid blanket, then proceeded to produce exotic delights such as pâté de foie gras, served on pumpernickel  bread he had baked himself. We chased that with a cool Capresse Salad and for dessert we had Almond Pear Galette. 

It was a date to remember, no doubt.   I was duly impressed, so I agreed to date him several more times. He used to talk about how cool it would be if someone designed a picnic backpack. 

Years later when I saw my first picnic backpack, I immediately thought of him, wondering if he had gone into the backpack business. 

Now that I have my motorhome, my kitchen travels with me. But I still look for the old fashioned picnic stops on the byways.  You won't see these on interstates but on the wonderful old scenic highways, there are still beautiful places to stop for a picnic. My motorhome just instinctively pulls over, even if I am not hungry I can come up with an excuse; the dog needs walking, I need a stretch and beauty needs to be studied.   While the rest of the world is rushing by, I am sitting by a river, enjoying my own peace in paradise.  

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  1. We still do the picnic thing regularly. When we do our longer sightseeing days, we most always pack a lunch. Often the restaurant food is very disappointing, so this way we know the food will be good and quickly served:)


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