Saturday, September 24, 2011

Blogger Error

Note: I think I fixed the formatting problem. 

If you are subscribed by email, then you may have received yesterday's post as a total mess. On my screen, it all looked formatted correctly, but when I posted it, what a mess it was!

I am clueless. This is something new, blogger changed their website and the editor seems a mess on my end. 

Just while I was typing now, blogger mysteriously changed my font, without my permission. I am so aggravated with their posting system. I am going to try to correct yesterday's post, but it was probably already sent out to the email subscribers as a huge mess. Please accept my apologies. 


To top it off, my short lived fantastic energy of the last few days, suddenly left, leaving me at a snail's pace with aches, pains and confusion. I am trying to make myself SMILE and cheer up!  

The sun is out, the dog is happy. We went for a brisk walk, in hopes that would improve my aches and pains.

It did not. If anything, I felt worse instead of better. Usually walks improve my disposition.  Hmmm...

However, puppy has suddenly started to catch on how to play "fetch". So I tossed his tennis ball about 100 times, while he was tethered to a very long string.  He actually brought it back to me each time, dropping it at my feet. My goodness, I have been trying to teach him this all year!

Maybe his tiny brain finally got a clue. 

After awhile I guess he became tired, because he ran and hid the tennis ball underneath the middle of the motorhome.   I changed out his water, dropping an ice cube in for good measure. He lapped up the bowl of water quite lustily, like a soldier returning from the dessert. 

"I can play ball!"  

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