Wednesday, September 14, 2011

This Is A Fine Mess, Part Two

Nothing like a full moon to make people crazy, for good or bad. Maybe we should rename it a FOOL MOON.  I managed to capture this full moon with a ring around it.  For some inexplicable reason, my camera eats some pictures and saves others. I like to download all my pics every few days to my computer, but it's always missing pictures that I took, that just aren't there. It's another mystery I will take on one day. At least the camera is working again and for that I am super happy. 

The secret to letting go, being happy and not succumbing to debilitating stress is rather simple. 

This is what I do when I feel things closing in around me, when other people and their negativity is trying to encroach on me. Or I on myself.

Here's my mermaid method:

Sit up straight, smile, take a very long deep breath while slowly counting to 10. Keep that smile! Hold that smile as long as you can. Do several more deep breaths.  The counting to 10 is just to take your mind off everything else. 

It works for me!  Recently I tried to get a grumpy friend of mine to try this, but they were afraid to try it. Misery loves company is oh so true, but how I wish it were not. 

Smiling has  been proven to boost the immune system, lower the blood pressure, release endorphins, natural pain killers and serotonin. 

It however, does not remove a big motorhome from a skinny dead end road. 

Have you ever noticed that smiling happy people look younger?  That's because smiling lifts the same muscles in the face as a surgical face lift (without plastering your eyebrows in that perpetual surprised look).

So I am back to smiling as much as I possibly can. Things haven't changed a whole lot around me, but I sure feel better about it anyhow. 

Oh yeah...  I've still got to get out of this fine mess. 

Get this rig turned around and back on the map.  Let me go smile on that awhile and see what comes to mind besides a pickle.

I ate all of the emergency chocolate, so time is ticking.  

However, I fixed the computer. It kept refusing to start simply giving me a message that said "FAN ERROR" then it would shut down without ever starting up fully. 

Well, I have a little 6 inch 12 volt hurricane fan, I bought that is awesome.  While it is a tad noisy, it blows at sonic fast speed. It also came with a very long cord and a heavy duty clip, so you can place the fan anywhere in the motorhome. I've used it to cool down, to dry the wet laundry, to move heat around, to help air out the wheel estate and even dropped the cord and fan out the window, so I could attach it to the opened door, then position my outside table and chair, so that the fan could blow on me.   I love to be outdoors as much as possible. 

Actually I bought the fan for the dog, but he lets me use it all the time.

Yeah, the dog wanted a fan...

Actually, I have no alternate transportation, so when I need to go somewhere, off in the wheel estate the dog and I go. Some places don't allow dogs, something little Harley has trouble understanding, when he gets stuck in a big parking lot while I have all the fun inside the grocery store. 

If the weather is pleasant, I open the windows that have screens, then turn on the hurricane fan, then switch on the stove exhaust fan (which is also 12volt) so that Harley has plenty of fresh air moving around, while I shop. 

When I come back out to the wheel estate, he is so enthusiastic, greeting me with hugs, kisses and a doggy dance while he grins foolishly with his tongue hanging out. I don't know how anyone could not love a dog greeting. 

We can learn a lot from dogs about how to treat each other. :)

Back to repairing the computer... I clipped that fan to the side of my desk, then angled it to blow into my laptop computer, where the computer's fan is located. Then I tried to start my computer.  Well my clip-on fan was blowing so hard, it made the fan inside the laptop start turning.  This tricked the computer into thinking the fan was working fine, so it started up for me. 

I guess I need to track down a replacement fan to fix the computer but I am just overwhelmed with things that need fixing, replacing, repairing, and a certain motorhome,  extracted from the forest, just to name a few things. 

But, cross the computer off the list,  that's one thing fixed today!  Hooray!

Also, while I was getting lost, I tried cooking in the crockpot.  See I woke up about 5am the day of my proposed trip. I chopped up a bunch of veggies while very sleepy, then tossed them in the crockpot with seasonings to make a hearty pasta sauce.

Later as I was checking over the wheel estate inside and out, before tanking control of the driver's seat,  I realized I needed to do something about the crock-pot. I put a piece of rubber grip shelf liner in my sink, then the crock-pot, which I plugged into an extension cord, then plugged that into my tiny power inverter, which plugged into my 12volt socket. So while I was busy getting lost, finding dead end roads that aren't on a map, this little crock-pot was cooking away. 

Dinner was awesome, by the way and now I have leftovers, which is so wonderful to have around. 

For those of you not familiar with inverters, it's a way to convert 12volt power to 110 power, popular with boaters and RV-ers. Although now that people travel in their cars with electronics, lots of folks are getting to know the ins and outs of inverters. Mine is very small, only 200 watts, which is what the crock-pot is too, so they were happy to be married during the trip. 

Some of the sauce jumped out of the pot, (it was a little too full for traveling) but not much. The thick rubber grip kept it in place, in the hideous blue kitchen sink. There is not a single thing that is blue in my entire motorhome. But for some reason, there is this awful baby blue kitchen sink with a big gouge on the divider and a few small ones (not shown) towards the kitchen faucet. The rest of the motorhome was in pretty good shape when I bought it, but this sink took a beating. I think somebody before me resented it because it seems incomprehensible that they took such good care of everything else.  It's a double sink which I couldn't live without, so an ugly baby blue sink is better than no sink at all. 

But one of these days, on my long list of  "urgent, soon and wishful"  things to do for the old wheel estate,  is to put in a different sink. I use it probably ten times a day, so it would be well loved and deeply appreciated. 

Anyhow, it's nice to have food around.  A few times while I was driving, I was wondering why I kept smelling garlic, then I remembered, I was test driving the crock-pot too.  Since it went so well, I am thinking this is a really great idea for future consideration as well. The crock-pot, not the motorhome stuck at the dead end. 

I often do arrive super tired and hungry. Sometimes, I don't arrive at all, such as this case.   

If you are confused, then read the last post "This Is A Fine Mess".

Hurricanes and Hangovers and Other Tall Tales and Loose Lies from the Coconut Telegraph by Dear Miss Mermaid

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