Monday, September 12, 2011

Electronically Challenged

Just to let you know I am alive, the spider bite didn't kill me but these electronic issues are testing me in a very bad way. 

I haven't been able to post, I am having severe technical issues with my computer, internet, camera and cell phone.  I would rather drop a hammer on my toe... and call it a day, at this point. 

Frankly, I would love to toss all this electronic gadgetry out the window (I know, shame on me for being a litter bug!) and just live a super simple life sans phones, computers and cameras.

Ah but my meager income which is wildly erratic, is made from writing and having access to the internet to submit same.  So until a miracle happens, I am stuck with learning to deal with the foibles of electronic mishaps. 

While I am ranting and raving, I noticed my comment area had been attacked by Bengal spammers.  I so want to drop a 50 pound weight on their fingers...

I know, I sound rather violent today!  Shame on me.

To top things off, a long time friend of mine has possibly gone crazy, as suddenly I've been treated to some filthy, nasty, hateful crazy emails that make no sense at all. I've always operated on the assumption that crazy people need friends too... but I have my limits and I've about reached it...

So, let me smile, while silently counting to 10 and taking a long slow deep breath.

There, I feel much better already!  (But everything is still broken or inoperable or limping along.)  Oh well!  Life is what happens when you are planning on something else...

Poop happens!  

OK, now that I feel better, I realize I am terribly hungry. Maybe it's time to feed the mermaid.  

I also have this urge to just run for the mountains for a few days, a place where I surely feel at home and at peace. Not that it will solve or a fix a thing, but could do wonders for the tortured soul. 

Today I feel just like this tree... bent out of shape!

A few weeks ago, I went grocery shopping in Toccoa, Georgia. I suddenly became super tired, so tired, I feared I couldn't drive back to Gumlog, Georgia where I am workamping. Fortunately, Harley dog and I found this stunning park in downtown Toccoa.  We spent a lovely afternoon there.  We napped in the wheel estate, then we went for a nice long walk through the park where we discovered this unique tree.

Henderson Falls Park is 25 acres of scenic beauty, full of play areas, amphitehater, tennis courts, picnic pavilions, covered bridge, a beautiful waterfall and nature trails. It is immediately adjacent to downtown Toccoa, Georgia.  Matter of fact, we got lost again, while looking for the park, but we did get a nice driving tour of the historic area of Toccoa.  Eventually we found the park, and it was well worth the effort. 

Hurricanes and Hangovers and Other Tall Tales and Loose Lies from the Coconut Telegraph by Dear Miss Mermaid

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  1. I think many of us have a love/hate relationship with all things electronic. Spammers and other idiots are yet another story. Hang in there and enjoy all those good parts of our electronic world.


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