Saturday, September 03, 2011

Doggone Company

I am alive!  Just been leading a chaotic life. Harley and I went on a trip with a friend and their cat. What a hoot!

They were going to board the cat, so they brought him along, thinking we would stop by and drop him off at his favorite vet.  *Ahem*  It pays to call ahead. Apparently my friend didn't think to call ahead for reservations for the cat. When we got there, the vet was closed for the afternoon, matter of fact, they were out boating.

So I suggested we just buy a litter box and food, bring the cat with us in the motorhome. I had already let him out of his cat carrier anyhow, so he was roaming the motorhome, seemingly quite content to be on a trip. I had showed him the guest loft, which little Harley dog can not reach on his own. So the cat could go up there and be out of the dog's way when he wanted to nap. 

Turns out Harley dog was a gracious host, willing to share his rolling dog house with the cat. Since the cat was triple the dog's weight, he seemed unafraid of the dog. Oh sure a few times they had some very brief tiffs, but nobody was injured. Harley has two little dog beds, and he wanted to make sure the cat knew these two places were totally off limits, otherwise, he didn't seem to care that the cat was making himself at home.   They got along amazingly well. 

When 2 days later, I dropped my friend off at their home, the cat didn't want to get out of the motorhome. That was pretty funny. The door was wide open, he could see he was back home again, but he didn't want to leave my wheel estate. I think he wanted to go on another trip. 

I so miss having a cat. I used to have three lovely cats in the Caribbean and I miss them all so very much. Sadly, when I moved to America, with one cat (you can only fly with one pet) he was lost on the ride from the airport. I have kicked myself 1,000 times over that. He was such a good cat and I lost him through pure stupidness, he had been my good buddy for 9 plus years. His brother moved in with a friend of mine in the Caribbean, who was going to fly to the USA to see me and bring the cat with her. However, the cat was killed by a car, rather sad, as he had good road sense and knew to stay out of the way of cars.  He was 10 years old by then.  Incredibly,  a few weeks later, my friend woke up feeling unwell, she ended up in the same island hospital I had spent a month in before moving to America, but she died in the emergency room. So sadly, I never got to see my friend nor my other cat again. 

The third cat, went to a forever home in the Caribbean with a lady who thought he was so beautiful and funny. He was not related to the other two cats. He had been dumped on me, and I had given him a home for years, while looking for a new home for him. I had grown rather attached to him too. 

When everyone tried to give me a cat, in America,  I was just too heartbroken and grieving over my lost cats. A friend of mine convinced me to imagine him in someone's home now, all cozy and comfy. 

Another friend reminded me how much I love dogs too, and that if I couldn't bring myself to adopting a new cat just yet, maybe I should consider a dog instead to fill that big empty hole in my heart. 

Finally I adopted this ridiculous little dog. I agreed to take him, over the phone, sight unseen.  He was being advertised as free to a loving home.  Less than an hour later, I had this tiny 5 month old puppy in my arms.   He has been a pure joy in my life and I love him dearly. 

I tried to get a picture of him and the cat together, but Harley dog moves around so rapidly, all I got was a nice pic of the cat and a blurry dog. I did get a cool picture of the cat hanging out on the dining booth.

Also on the trip, I took a slight detour so Harley dog could run his little legs off at a fenced dog park in Waynesville, North Carolina. 

I tried to get him to pose by the sign, but he was too busy sniffing the sign post, to see if any of his friends had stopped by lately. Inside the park were 3 large dogs and 6 small dogs. There was a separate area for the small and large dogs, but since everyone was getting along so well, the owners had combined all the dogs into one side of the park. 

Harley had a fabulous time, checking out the park and dogs.  He loves to play, play, play!  

For those of you traveling in RV's with dogs, check out dog parks along your route. It's a great place to take a break from traveling and your canine companion can have some fun too. 

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  1. That is a sad story about your cats. Sounds like the trip with the cat and dog was a big success. Maybe there will be more in the future:)


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