Saturday, September 17, 2011

Southern Cold Snap


60F degrees this morning in Gumlog, Georgia on Hartwell Lake in mid September. No wonder Harley and I slept with the electric mattress warmer turned on. Who ever invented that marvelous invention deserves a best invention prize. It's far superior  to an electric blanket. I also had on winter pajamas, while hiding under a fluffy comforter. Harley was wearing his blue argyle sweater.  He curled up tightly in his tiny faux fur pet bed. 

It's hard to believe I've had to drag out Harley's winter wardrobe already. He has grown a little since last winter, so his loose sweaters are now rather snug. Thank goodness they still fit him, because he needs to keep his heart and chest warm, since he is so tiny. 

Over the past year of owning him, I've been on a constant hunt for affordable sweaters for him that don't look any goofier than he does already. Why do pet designers assume we want our pets to look hilarious?

Recently someone loaned me 2 videos, "Beverly Hills Chihuahua" both the first and second one.  I've only watched the first one so far. I laughed my way through most all of it. There's a serious drama interlude, but much of it is just hilarious. It's  truly a delightful movie.  The tiny little dogs are dressed up positively ridiculous, riding  in designer handbagswhile accompanying their owners around Hollywood. After seeing that movie, I now understand the craze of the pet stores to offer ridiculous doggy outfits. Harley just needs utilitarian sweaters, he needs the warmth. His pet parent is too lazy to carry him around, so he has to walk on a leash. 

Yesterday the park rangers came to check on us. Harley was ecstatic. It was 64F degrees, so he was wearing his Bark Ranger mini red vest.   He danced for them, showed off his 360 degree spinning tricks, played fetch and when they tried to leave, he hopped up in their truck, sitting nicely in the middle of their front seat.  We had a great laugh, while I managed to coax Harley out of their truck, so they could continue their rounds. 

Harley and I often recycle first hand. While out hiking, we found this tiny blue  plastic bucket that appeared nearly new. I washed it up, took the handle off of it, converting it to Harley's outdoor water dish. On warm days,  I filled it full of ice cubes so he had plenty of self-generating cool water outside. Pets needs plenty of fresh water to stay healthy. Never deprive your pet of good clean water because you think they will pee less, in the long run it will deteriorate their health substantially.

Today I am bundled up in layers, sitting outside enjoying the view and typing away. Seriously, I am  thinking about breaking out my boots to wear because I don't like cold feet. I tend to either be barefoot or in boots. Because of walking the puppy dog, I do wear sandals in warmer weather but once my feet get cold, out come the boots. It's a mermaid thing. We only grow legs when away from the sea, but the feet never seem to warm up, no matter how much we walk the dog. 

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