Tuesday, September 13, 2011

This Is A Fine Mess


I'm at the bottom of the hill of a nice long curvaceous road with several hairpin turns, that  suddenly went around another sharp curve changing into a narrow one lane dirt road that just abruptly dead ended. 

I'm driving my 28 foot motorhome.  The wheel estate. 

Well  *ahem*  I was  driving it, before I ran right off the map. 

I've turned the engine off and parked.  Looks like I have a cliff on one side and  a deep ditch on the other. 

Hmmm...  now that I've checked, I  have a good 6 inch clearance on the passenger side between my tires and  the cliff.  However, on the drivers side,  I've got almost 7 inches between my tires and the deep ditch.  Four feet behind my rear bumper is the start of a  near vertical, hairpin turn to the left. 

Harley dog  is wildly enthusiastic, at this wonderful turn of events.  He is bouncing around his hefty seven pound doggy weight  from window to window, insisting we go outside  for a nice long walk. 

At least I assume that what  his wiggly butt and furiously wagging tail are trying to say as he gleefully checks the view from every window. 


OK, we are back from our hike.  Didn't see a soul anywhere. I guess not too many people come out this way. 

I wonder why?  

It sure is beautiful and very peaceful indeed. 

I guess you could say, we've managed to get away from it all.  Where ever "all" is, we're not there!

Harley and I are back inside the motorhome. He is alternating between gulping down  water and crunching through his tiny bowl of dry kibble. 

I've sat down at my table,  to drink a tall cold glass of iced tea with lemon.  That's a southerner for you... get out the iced tea first, deal with the problem later. 

This tea tastes  so exquisite, I've decided to have another glass while I  chase the first with some green grapes, crackers and cheese. 

Just for grins, I've  opened up my laptop computer.  Amazingly,  the Broadband-to-go internet (which works off cellular towers) is  really strong out here. So Iv'e got internet. 

In the middle of nowhere. On a dirt road in the forest.  Somewhere in Northeast Georgia. 

Well, it just goes to show, you just never know what adventure will turn up next, when you least expect it. (This was not on the original agenda today.) 

I'm going to sign off now. 

I'm thinking this is a really good time to break into the emergency chocolate. I'm going to  need complete concentration to focus on that difficult task. 

Ya'll stay tuned. I'll report back later. 

After I've located the chocolate. 

Oh, and here's a map of the area.  In case you want to drop by...

Hurricanes and Hangovers and Other Tall Tales and Loose Lies from the Coconut Telegraph by Dear Miss Mermaid


  1. I thought for sure at the end you were going to say you woke from your dream:) This is like one of those old TV serial adventures:)

  2. If you weren't in the middle of nowhere, I'd send you some back-up emergency chocolate! I hope you found your way our of this predicament safely!


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