Sunday, September 18, 2011

Autumn Is Here Already

Home sweet home for a few more days or weeks...

I am THRILLED not to be a slave to the Air Conditioning now. It's is so perfect  here, all the RV windows open, I am outside under the canopy  12+ hours a day.  Puppy has to beg me to come inside at night.  He of course is c-c-cold when it's below 70F, so he is wearing a sweater lately, otherwise he shakes and shivers and looks pathetic. 

Or I should say MORE pathetic...
This morning I noticed he had tunneled under my big fluffy afghan, with just his little wet nose sticking out. I left his sweater on overnight, as he gets pretty cold at night too in spite of his cozy dog bed.   

I love sleeping with the windows open and snuggled under the covers. It was 59F last night.  But somebody stole my afghan...  A certain somebody with 4 little legs...

It's just past noon here  now.  It's 69F degrees. Maybe I can take off the boots and put on sandals now.  It's perfect traveling temperature for wheel estate, I can get great gas mileage without the air conditioner compressor running. Did you know your A/C eats up a lot of gas when you drive?
I went shopping yesterday with the windows open, no need for A/C or generator. I was out of emergency chocolate...  

Across from the Dollar General store was a yard sale on a big vacant lot, so I took doggy for a walk, pretending to shop. They didn't have anything I needed, couldn't figure out how to fit the waterbed in the motorhome, so I didn't buy it. (I just love waterbeds!)  The rest of their junk was a nice boat really cheap for $1200 and that included the engine which they claim ran well. (I could tow a boat instead of a car, but I can't afford either...)  

They were selling tons of fragile ugly bric-a-brac junk, just the thing you need for a motorhome...
The country folk were super nice, we had a great conversation in spite of me being unable to buy anything. They just loved Harley who was showing off, showering them with love as if he was horribly neglected.
I helped disassemble and  load up a huge solid wood king sized bed frame with headboards and footboards, into the back of a banged up dented rusty Mustang car with back seats that fold down for a very pregnant lady, her husband, and a cute nearly new baby.

The couple looked like teenagers struggling to get by.  At least the bed was solid wood and not particle board, so it should last them a good long time. The lady had sold it super cheap, I don't think she realized how much solid wood furniture is worth these days. 
The lady having the yard sale said she was forced from larger housing in one town to smaller housing in another town.  Some of her relatives were there hanging out and helping. I guess they had just comandeered this vacant lot to have the sale on. I've seen others set up produce or yard sale items there. Dollar General, like so many of their stores, is way out in the country, so it was good for both businesses I guess. 

Ironically, Dollar General is the closest store to my workamping. But any other stores are over 7 miles beyond Dollar General. If you are an RV-er  who does highways and byways, then you've probably seen these stores out in the middle of nowhere. They are a lot cheaper than that super store with a name that starts with W...

Dollar General had most of what I needed in food and supplies, so afterwards, Harley and I came back home. (Well our temporary home!)

It's a shame they don't carry fresh produce, but they do have most anything else one could need for a motorhome. Two of my folding camping chairs for outdoor use, were bought at a Dollar General,  about 18 months ago for around $10 and are still holding up, in spite of my heavy friends.   Tee hee hee.  

Harley was wildly enthusiastic to be back to our campsite. 

That's the super fun part about dogs.

They remind us to be super happy about life, living and loving others. 

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