Monday, October 01, 2012

Alligator Detour

I am dead tired but made it to my new workamping gig today right on time, more or less. It was round 2pm, but the office was locked up tight.  I toured the park, found my campsite then parked.

A ranger drove by later and welcomed me.

Thank goodness he didn't notice that my sandal is  Super Glued to my foot. First impressions are so important.

I hate wearing shoes indoors, but I am half way used to it by now due to my temporary predicament.

Have you ever noticed how people really stare at you when you only wear one shoe (and you have two feet.)  I am careful now, to keep the matching one on at the same time.  No more barefoot me for now.

On our drive today, we took a shortcut through a swamp. Oh boy!  That was one skinny road with soupy swamp coming up over the edge of the road.

I expected an alligator to appear in the road any moment.  Then one did.

I have no pictures of the section where the swampy waters came right up to the road nor the alligator. Forgive me. You've heard of white line fever (from driving too much) this was white line gone.

Two inches of rain had swamped the swamp overnight, but I didn't find this out until after I had driven the shortcut.

My hands were clutching the steering wheel, avoiding the alligator, trying not to slosh through the  encroaching swamp,  worrying about the low hanging trees branches above, so gee wiz... juggling a camera too, was just out of the question. I wasn't going to stop either, and ask the alligator to pose.

To confound the madness, the only vehicle we saw on our hour long shortcut just suddenly appeared out of nowhere right at that moment.

It was a  huge mega monster SUV on steroids.  He was wider than my mini-motorhome!  We were both hogging the yellow dotted center line as we approached  head-on,  playing chicken until the last second, then we both scooted over slightly.

I think my outside mirror cleared his by a millimeter and no one drove into the swamp. Whew!

Later, I did snap a picture  while driving at a much wider higher drier section. The Spanish Moss dripping all over the trees, make them appear blurrier than they really are.

swamp road by dear miss mermaid


  1. Glad to see you made it and Monkey didn't end up a Happy Meal :) Beautiful pic of the road and tree canopy! I'll email you my status and plans for November. Save a spot for me for a couple nights.

    The Troutman

  2. OK so Iam trying to let you know how to remove your sandel.Use nail polish remover but it must have that 1 ingredient that I can't remember or it won't work. It's the one that really makes it stink. If the bottle reads does not contain then you know that isn't it. :(


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