Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Your eyes are  bigger than your mouth (and mind).  

Little Harley tries to fit his soccer ball in his mouth while playing keep-away with his pet parent.


The roar of motorcycle campers are already  setting up in the campground.  Faver-Dykes State Park is  only 35 miles from Daytona Beach.

It's Biketoberfest October 18-21 in Daytona, Florida but riders go far and wide sightseeing across Florida.  Enthusiasts come from every state in the union to be here this week.  See Biketoberfest.Org for complete event info.

I am pooped!  This is my day off, but already I've been shuffling firewood all over the campground. We sell it to campers, but it's not bundled, so I  load it up in my little cart to deliver to the campsite unless they drive up to buy it in their vehicle (rare.)  Besides, it's kind of hard to carry loose wood on a bike.


Today's Wisdom

Super Glue is great stuff, but be really careful. I don't think it's intended for adult use. 

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