Thursday, October 25, 2012

Hurricane Sandy (2)

The east coast of Florida is under a tropical storm  warning all the way north  to Flagler Beach.

Our campground is booked solid, but already a few people packed up to leave when an afternoon rain storm hit. A few more have yet to show up.

I am just north of Flagler beach by less than 20 miles. We are under a tropical storm watch.

If I weren't the Campground Host, I would already be flying up the road inland towards somewhere besides here.

In the interim, I did go buy gas for my wheel estate. I went to the wrong station, they surcharged me for paying with a debit card.   I thought that was same as cash, but at this particular station, I was wrong.

Then we went to Publix grocery store and picked up a few things. Oh my gosh!  The store was an absolute zoo with people piling in the groceries. I even had a hard time finding parking in the lot for my motorhome.

When I finished shopping, Harley was thrilled that he got to do cart return again. This gives him a fun brisk walk and he learns how to be responsible by returning the shopping cart.

An irate driver who had glazed over eyes, tried to run us down right there in the parking lot, like she couldn't see a lady, a dog and a big shopping cart.  I  managed to let go of the cart, grab Harley and leap out of the way without injury. She dodged the cart, then I grabbed it again.  I  didn't mean to let go of it, but she was aiming right at us!  I figure Harley is worth a heck of a lot more than their car, so I saved him first.

We escaped death again. Whew!

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  1. Take care during the storm. You seem to be on pretty low ground. At least you have a few steps up to your home. Harley may have to swim to pee! Ranger Tina


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