Monday, October 22, 2012

Dumpster Diving

tioga montara by dear miss mermaid

Home is where we park it.

Pardon the mess... but we live here. 

As you can see my tiny basement storage area finally exploded.  The patio was born.

The red chair in front belongs to a certain doggy. His quilt and some toys are in it. Other toys are scattered about. He likes for his chair to face the campground road, so he doesn't dare miss any action.

Poor doggy. His little 4 pound chihuahua girlfriend went home to Tampa. Every time he gets smitten with a new girlfriend, they flirt for days then typically she packs up and leaves him. She rode a motorcycle every day with her pet parents. She had little Doggles and sat in a pouch attached to her pet parent while they rode around during Biketoberfest. Harley dog didn't mind since he has an ATV to ride around in when he is on Bark Patrol, but he doesn't have Doggles. Maybe Santa Paws will bring him some.

The little blue chair at the table was found next to the dumpster. The brown patio mat partially seen in the foreground was found dumpster diving. This is dangerous living in a campground. I had no idea people threw away good stuff here.  I've found more, but it wasn't useful to me, so I didn't drag it home.

Harley found a pair of socks rolled up neatly which he snatched up before I could.  They look brand new. Lucky dog. He just plays with them.

We have a guy camping here this week though, who is thoroughly scavenging the garbage and the recently vacated campsites. So this week, I don't stand a chance. He is even collecting up any firewood they leave behind. Usually I retrieve it then resell it for the Friends of the Park.

Some of my laundry can be seen in back hanging out to dry. All those bubbles in the picture are a mystery. I took a series of pics and they showed up in 2 of the 4 pics. Very strange.

Maybe the bubbles are the spirits watching after me.

I am pooped, tired, wore out. I never knew this type of workamping labor  could be so ridiculously hard.  I had high hopes this would miraculously make me suddenly well, build up my stamina, make me strong and energy would return to my battered body.   But it hasn't quite worked out that way.

Last night I had to load, move, deliver, unload a half cord of wood. Somehow I got poison oak or ivy or something that makes me want to rip my skin right off. I found a teeny tiny tube of cream to help alleviate it, then promptly lost the tube and the dog's harness. I guess I need to catch up on housework and find out where those things wiggled. to. I still have a dog, so he wasn't lost in the shuffle.

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  1. A natural itch relief for poison ivy is to run the hottest water you can over the area.


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