Wednesday, October 10, 2012

New Girlfriend

My first day off today. No heavy duty  workamping chores other than selling firewood and general camp hosting.  I had high hopes of doing a long  list of RV and household chores including the stinky laundry. I've been sweating a river all week.  Instead I  was too pooped wore out exhausted and sore in every joint to get a thing done other than the bare necessities to get through the day.

Bare necessities such as feeding the dog, grooming the dog, walking the dog, playing and  napping with the dog. Whew!

I did manage to stumble in a daze  around the campground several times and even sell some firewood. Later we found a nice grassy spot to play tennis with doggy's new red white and blue patriotic tennis ball.  Harley is so spoiled!  His buddy brought him the new ball to play with last weekend along with some tasty treats.

Even Harley acted pooped, after about 10 toss and chases. Most unusual for him. Usually it takes about 50 tosses to wear him out.

Turns out he wanted to go see his girlfriend again and again and again. She is a great big doggy, more than triple his age, gentle as can be, weighing in at  90 pounds to his 6.  He is smitten with her so he drags me over to go see her every chance he gets.  They play, kiss, sniff, piddle, fuss and act like old buddies.

It's  hilarious to watch.

I figure any day I can laugh and smile, it's a GREAT day to be alive!

Now that it is beddy-bye time, Harley wants to play indoor soccer. So a few tosses of that around the motorhome and he is flat out snoozing.

Me too.

Night night.

harley the monkey by dear miss mermaid

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  1. No pix of Harley with his new friend? Glad it was a good day :-)


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