Sunday, October 28, 2012

Sunny Sunday in Florida

This park scene makes a great sobriety test for drivers.  Especially after dark. All is well here but it's lonesome. Last night I was the only camper in the entire campground.

Today we seem to have a lot of sightseers driving around Faver-Dykes Park.

Hurricane Sandy has more or less left our area, headed for parts unknown to land somewhere presumably along the eastern seaboard, possibly wreaking great havoc.  My friends are scattered up and down the coast, many in a panic about the mystery of the future weather in their part of the world.

I hope and pray the hurricane doesn't do the damage forecasted

As of noon Sunday, the sunshine has come back to this part of Florida.

We were invited elsewhere to a potluck party last night, so Harley and I drove the motorhome taking a pot of Cherokee Chili Beans and a bag of dog treats to the party. About 20 people were there, we built a fire, cooked fresh oysters and shared the dishes everyone brought.

Harley was the only dog in attendance though just about everyone said they had dogs left at home. He was thrilled to meet so many people though I kept him leashed the entire time.  I was proud of my little pooch, he did absolutely no begging and laid under the table quietly at the feet of the only pregnant woman while everyone was dining.

I guess the little fellow is actually starting to learn a few manners. He was exhausted long before the party was over, having a hard time staying awake, but he didn't want to be left in the motorhome all alone either. Finally he dug a little bed near the fire, then curled up in the sand snoozing off and on.

Today we have lots of cleaning to do.  Small tree branches are scattered throughout the park from the winds. We are both tired again after our morning of hard labor. I need more energy, more stamina.

I am not sleeping. I am checking my eyelids for holes. 

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  1. It looks like you did an awesome job training little Harley.
    Good to hear everything is back to normal at your end and you two are save and sound. i guess we will get the worst of it tomorrow night.


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