Saturday, October 06, 2012

In A Fog With Big Foot

Harley just loves having the ATV parked out front. He sat in the driver's seat for hours, begging me to take him somewhere. The ATV belongs to the park, not us, so I couldn't just take him for a spin.

He looked at me. Wiggled his tail.  Tried to look cute.

Then we heard a loud crash followed by running feet.  Oh my gosh.

Has Big Foot followed us here?

Last summer/spring in a remote area of northeast Georgia, we kept hearing loud crashes and thuds in the woods, which we attributed to Big Foot. I even had company visit that heard Big Foot too.  They became a tad spooked.

I'm not scared of Big Foot but he sure is noisy.

Harley and I  went on foot and paw to inspect this latest crashing noise. Inexplicably, a huge tree limb was blocking the entire campground road. I waited while Harley  marked it.

He wanted Big Foot to know that big little dog is on patrol. On to him. We know you're there.

The limb  had broken up into large chunks blocking all traffic.  Was Big Foot so tall that he simply knocked the tree branch down then ran away?

We went back to fetch the ATV.  I loaded up the tree parts with my leather gloves then raked the dirt road.  Harley sat in the driver's seat, guarding his ATV.  I wish I had the camera with me at that point, to capture his smitten little face.

As we were  driving off with the debris, I passed the ranger, which gave me a chance to ask him where to haul it off to.  Harley was absolutely thrilled to be riding around. He was a bit let down that this ATV is gas powered, not quiet electric like the golf carts he loves to ride in.

I think there is a large hole in the muffler because it is so loud, my ears were ringing afterwards.

We surely are not going to sneak up on Big Foot. He can hear us a mile away.

I skipped posting yesterday because  I've been either working or sleeping. There is a lot of labor involved with this new  workamping gig. More brawn than brain.  Workamping for the government is volunteering in exchange for perks. In this case, free camping for my mini motorhome,  dog and I.  It's another way to make ends meet, to keep the fun rolling along.

My stamina is just not up to par.  The pain is excruciating  but I keep plunking away. I came back from working all morning to make lunch. I was so exhausted, I  laid down for a little rest and was shocked to wake up 3 hours later not 30 minutes later as I planned.  I guess my body had other ideas.

Harley dog is confused (what else is new) but most of our work is on foot and paw.  He loves inspecting every inch of the park. He even climbs in the fire pits looking for old bones.  He isn't much help with all the labor, but he guards me while I work. If anyone comes by, he showers them with love. Always the enthusiastic meeter-greeter.

He loves riding around in the ATV when we deliver the trash to the other end of the park. It's a rough ride, but he hasn't bounced out  yet. I have him tethered in so he can't fall out.  I am thinking about working out a slightly safer situation for him.

The T-shirts they gave me for working are skin tight. After sweating all over them, I look like I am busting at the seams, entering a wet Tshirt contest for women.  I have asked for something more size appropriate. I can't get used to the strangling tight collars on them. I know the Tshirt is ubiquitous  but the few I own have generous V-necks and are roomy.

It has stormed off and on since I arrived 5 days ago. We have had rains, winds, thunder, lightning, fog and humidity. Mud, muck  and sand all over the motorhome. Nothing getting done about my RV repairs, no time leftover to even think about it.

In spite of the wild weather,  a whole crew of hardy campers turned up in the rains to set up for the weekend. More arrive Saturday morning, then we are full to capacity.

I like it here.  I just hope my body will fly right and work without the pain.

photo by
Look how thick the fog is!  The dog is barely visible a few feet away.
I still haven't set up my outdoor camping gear.
All things take time. 


  1. I got t shirts and the henley-style shirt at Ft. Pulaski and didn't like them at all. First, they don't look professional. Lassen gave me tailored khaki colored shirts, short & long sleeved, and they always looked good. It also gave me a little more authority because lots of people thought I was a ranger because of the shirt & name tag,

  2. It's that time of year for that foggy and rainy weather. We had some of that here in the south. Travel Safe

  3. Sure hope your pain goes away soon. I would hate to see you have to leave this job and be struggling from budget problems.

  4. I am going to stick it out. They will have to carry me out of here on a stretcher or a pine box. Tee hee hee...

    As for looking like authority... I'd rather not. But I know it can be fun!


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