Wednesday, October 03, 2012


Harley having a bad hair day by dear miss mermaid
Today was orientation day. 

Harley was having a bad hair day, so he didn't go, even though he would have thoroughly enjoyed napping through the presentation. 

I met lots of nice folks, studied plenty of bureaucracy, took a brief tour of the park.  Every bone in my body aches, and I didn't even do much work yet. I arrived here sore in every joint, my neck unable to move, a rather maddening problem I have kept to myself. 

That is why my paved spot looked so bare in yesterday's picture, I haven't set up  my patio accouterments. Too painful to move around. 

One of my numerous duties is to sell ice and firewood.  I stuck my sign out front, ready for action.  However the ice machine is shut down for cleaning. It was pouring down rain all afternoon and evening, so no takers on the firewood either. 

Finally I managed to roll out the patio mat and play a little golf with Harley for about 2 minutes. I studied the  big notebook they gave me, fiddled with the 2-way radio, took their ATV for a brief spin.  

Maybe it's the weather that made all my joints ache something awful. I haven't had this problem in awhile and I surely don't need it now either. 

I doubled up on my alternative treatments in hopes the pain just goes away so I can do my duties and all will be well.  There is more to come. 

Oh and I finally got the Super Glued shoe off my foot. Whew!

Life is good, really good!  The beauty out here is just outstanding. I still have to figure out how to make a ton of repairs or get help or both.  My RV was rather naughty on this trip.  But I am just hoping everything comes together somehow, some way. 

A rough start means it only gets smoother?

Let's hope so!


  1. Sorry about the RV repair issues. I hope you feel better soon too.

  2. Check ur email. May be able to drive over for day ONLY to help you get unloaded and setup. Other commitments preclude me from staying any longer. That will have to wait until I head up to mountains in Nov for some trout fishing :)

    The Troutman

  3. How often does Harley have a good hair day")

  4. I hate it when I feel like that. I can't imagine lifting bundles of firewood or bags of ice. Hope you are feeling better real soon.

  5. Glad you got the sandal off. Hope you feel better soon.
    Want to thank Lee for letting me know that important ingredient.


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