Saturday, October 27, 2012

Hurricane Sandy (5) Friday 1155pm

Relocation... sort of.

hurricane sandy by dear miss mermaid

I was sound asleep when someone banged on the door sometime after 10pm. I figured it was campers with hurricane questions. I probably had the only internet connection in the campground.

Much to my surprise it was park staff evicting the campground. At this late hour.

Just that morning, I had mentioned that if I were going to run from the storm, I should run right then. That's exactly what I should have done too. But no, I stuck around and did my workamper duties.

While all the other campers had a permanent home to go to, I live fulltime in my wheel estate. I am sure none of them were thrilled to be packing up at 10pm either.  A good bit of clatter could be heard around the camp.

I held my ground that I needed to stay on the property. Anywhere I went at this late hour,  was sure to turn me away. The staff suggested a hotel. I pointed at my doggy and reminded them the big Georgia-Florida game was a major weekend for Jacksonville and St Augustine.  We had people staying in the campground planning to attend the game. If they couldn't find anything  closer to Jacksonville, what were my chances of finding anything in the area to take a motorhome, a dog and myself at this late hour?

I feared I would be relegated to the highway and might have to drive all night long to Atlanta or where, I hadn't a clue.

As tired as I was and driving alone, I didn't want to be aimlessly rolling down the highway.

I didn't want to admit the truth to them.. that even if I found a motel willing to take me (highly unlikely) I probably didn't have enough funds to pay for it at this point and time. I am sure hotels wouldn't be cheap, if one could be found, given the big busy weekend in the area. Besides I would basically be paying to sit in their parking lot in my motorhome. I would surely be too tired to move to a room.

Also, being dead tired, was a big minus. I had been up since 330am, worked hard all day  and it was now 10pm. I had dozed off to a deep sleep maybe 30 minutes before they banged on my door. While I had secured many things about my patio, I had not put things away. Silly me.

Well, I didn't work hard all day, I worked as hard as I could. I have severe stamina problems. So I work and rest, work and rest, work and rest and at the end of the day I am exhausted.

I had foolishly believed the weather reports.

Shame on me!

I knew better.

When it comes to hurricanes, my crystal ball has always been the trusted source. So many times over the 15 or so years writing the local weather reports in the Caribbean, my crystal ball had proved the meteorologists wrong on numerous occasions.

Why didn't I listen to my inner voice that YESTERDAY told me to leave?

Oh well.

So in the end, it was agreed I would relocate to the park's service workshop area about 2 miles away.  I could use my adapter to plug into a regular 110 outlet at the shop and enjoy some electricity if I was very careful.

The rest of the campers had to exit the park and they did.

At least, I would be closer to the exit, the service area has trees, but a lot less than the remote campground. Should severe winds wreak havoc, excavating me from the service are would be far easier.  All the tools and equipment were located there anyhow.

In my sleepy state, it took me quite a while to get every thing packed for travel. Some of my patio stuff was simply left behind because it was super dark and I just couldn't see to pack the basement in the careful jigsaw pattern required to get it all into that tiny space. Doing it in the dark wasn't making it any easier.  The first flashlight I grabbed promptly died 20 seconds later. The next one was too big to hold and work at the same time.

Whether moving a motorhome 2 miles or 200 miles, the packing up and getting road worthy is the same.

I hope I don't sound grouchy.

Now it is 1230am and I am hungry and tired. I guess I worked up an appetite!  Here I am all alone at the park's service area. I am sure people will report for work tomorrow and well guess what they will find!  Little old me in my little old wheel estate with my little dog.

Too funny.

Every now and then a gust of wind rocks the motorhome then all is quiet again.

I guess you could say I am grumpy but grateful.  Angels watching over me.


  1. My thoughts are with you and Harley. Have a safe day.


  2. Harley is smart.He knew you should be moving. Keep safe and sleep in.


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