Friday, October 26, 2012

Hurricane Sandy (3)

Faver-Dykes State Park, Florida

faver-dykes state park by

Dry and nearly windless.  Dark.  A balmy 77F degrees.

When the sun comes up, I am going to refill my water tank.  The water pressure at the campground varies, so yesterday I was using the aid of the water pump and tank to speed up my compact washing machine. In other words, I emptied out the water tank and forgot to refill it. Oops.

The park does provide a washer and dryer for the workampers but I still prefer my own little compact washer for my clothes because it uses a pulsator system rather than an agitator.  This gets the clothes just as clean with a lot less wear and tear.

I did stuff my big fluffy comforter into the park's agitator style washer but it wasn't dry as of bedtime. The sensor on the dryer never works right for bulky items like comforters. So I reset the dryer then came back to my wheel estate to go to beddy bye.

I am trying to wash everything because of my embarrassing problem with poison sumac or contact dermatitis. I slept much better last night, I wasn't up every hour slathering on lotions like most nights lately.

Internet is flaky, cutting out often. You may lose contact with me completely at some point.

hurricane sandy approaches florida october 26 2012

From the looks of the grocery store yesterday, loads of folks wanted to make sure they had their favorite comfort foods on hand for the storm.  By the time I arrived, there were only 4 empty shopping carts available.  Some folks were shopping with their carts like they were on the interstate highway playing leap frog or at the state fair in bumper cars.  Throughout the store you could hear cart crashes.  It was comical!

More than once I dodged near collisions as people raced around as if the end of the world was coming soon.  I was frankly quite surprised at the pushiness of the shoppers. The store had a mountain of food with all shelves well stocked, so I wasn't quite clear on the concept as to why so many shoppers were so pushy.  More than once someone pushed my cart elsewhere while I was perusing a product. I turned around to drop something in my cart, only to find that someone else had pushed it 10 feet away. 

The deli was backed up with a throng of people waiting to place orders. All this on a Thursday afternoon that wasn't a major pay date.

I will give this particular Publix grocery store a 10+ for having plenty of cashiers on hand. Once I hit the check out, I was very surprised to not have to wait in spite of the chaos of the store in general.

Well, it's now 5:25am.  The winds kick up now and then, surprising since I am in a heavily wooded area. I am also in low lying lands, but hopefully no flooding.

I am a wimp!  I would much rather be on the road headed north westerly to an inland location far from the coast. I've been through plenty of hurricanes and would rather avoid this one.

If the forecasters are right, then we have nothing to worry about. Ha ha ha!  I know they are downplaying the storm, because this weekend is a huge weekend for Jacksonville due to a football game (Georgia-Florida)  that is wildly popular.

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  1. I hope that they are "up playing" the upcoming storm. People are going nuts over here and I'm in northern Virginia.
    Here's to you feeling better and itch free.


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