Sunday, October 07, 2012


Internet and cell phone has been real flaky here. Probably because of the rain forest weather.  I thought I was coming to the flat lands, but I might as well be on top of a mountain in a rain forest.

Well, here's a picture of my cute little work vehicle. Cleaning it up did little to improve the appearance. I don't think the past workampers washed it much, if any. Of course they may have been pooped out tired like me. This job is definitely well suited for a very energetic couple.

I plan to stick it out.

If...   I don't keel over first.

They will have to carry me out of here on a stretcher if they want rid of me. I don't think you can fire a slave!  Ha ha.

Harley needs to do more than just flirt with the campers. At 6 pounds and two years old, you would think he could do more than just be a friendly seat warmer.

Lately, I am just the middle man for iced tea and water. I drank over 7 quarts of the stuff, trying to get through my day. Oh and that's not including the 6 cups of coffee. By sunset, I was using tooth picks to prop my eyes open. Finally at dark thirty, I sank into bed with the porch light on, in case any campers felt the need to contact me.

They would probably have to set off a bomb to get me awake though.

ez-go by dear miss mermaid
Some people get a company car with their work.
I recieved an EZ-Go utility vehicle.
Gas powered and LOUD LOUD LOUD.

I turned in the skin tight uniforms shirts, asking  them to send over the largest Tshirts they had. I figured it was easier to work my way down rather than up. The new larger shirts actually allow me to breathe now. They are a bit more generous and long like a tunic. I don't have to wrap my bosom in duct tape anymore just to squeeze into the shirt. Whew!  The larger ones are more suited for this humid weather we are experiencing between rain squalls.  I guess I can make peace with the Tshirts.

It sure beats the heck out of trashing my clothes for this volunteering.

I still find myself tugging at the neckline every chance I get to stretch it out to a comfortable airy size. They might not like it, if I just sloppily cut a V-neck out of the collar.

Although I have a friend who occasionally finds a super soft Tshirt he likes. Then he  recuts the neckline into a V, removing the crew neck completely.  Next he painstakingly stitches it up by hand, all nice and neat. I've seen his handiwork, it's impressive.

He has sewn up his curtains by hand, made toss pillows and often hems his boat shorts more to his liking.

If I ever feel the urge to restitch the neckline, then I could restructure mine to a Vee. But for now, I am dead tired exhausted trying to keep up with the work here.

Even the dog is wore out. He naps every chance he gets, making me insanely jealous.

In the past I've tried to leave my campsite nice and tidy. No garbage strewn around,  and no dog poop either. My dog refuses to poop at his campsite, he sits there cross legged until I walk him far away.  Then he waits for me to clean it up unless we are in the thick of the woods where I can cover it with leaves or dirt. Oh if only dogs could take lessons from the cats, that so neatly dig a hole then cover their mess.

That reminds me of a funny Caribbean story. At one point I lived in an apartment building next to the landlord. He had a dump truck deliver a huge pile of sand for some sort of concrete project that never got going. The four cats that lived in the apartments, thought this was ideal for their outdoor litter box.  Within six months, that pyramid of sand was reduced to a nice neat round pile of sand, patted down with paw prints, cleverly hiding their cat poop.

I try to leave my site ready for the next camper. I thought this was part of camping, leave only footprints, take only pictures. It never even occurred to me that anyone was going to come clean up the site, I thought that was up to the campers.

I think most campers do this, but apparently *ahem* some depart their campsite like they are King Kong in a rage, leaving a huge mess for the  staff. Tsk tsk tsk. I've seen some disgusting things left behind that have really raised my eyebrows.

Well, let me pour down more coffee and get back to work. I keep telling myself if I can just make it through another day...

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