Friday, October 12, 2012

Furday Friday

Weather has cooled down at nights. I have to get my winter stuff ready.  I woke up at 3am to put on socks since my feet were cold.  I thought my puppy would keep them warm.  He had relocated under the feather pillow, which he was using as his own personal comforter. He is such a hog.

Hurricane Patty is out there. If I think she is going to scare me, I will be out of here in a heartbeat. I've been through enough hurricanes in my 22 years in the Caribbean.

We had two days off work. I mostly rested up my sore achy body. Little else got done. Now it's 5am and I am off to work again.

Yesterday some more dogs arrived at the park.  Now we have a rottweiler, a poodle, an American bulldog, a pit bull, two cats and my monkey. All the dogs are getting along fine except the pit bull.  That might be because he is tied up far from the road. His owners haven't walked him that I have seen.  The rest of the dogs and pet parents were  ambling around in an impromptu pet parade.

When this couple arrived in their Class C, they were trying to back it in, with the wife directing on foot while the husband reversed. We had stopped to let the RV get situated, rather than cross around him. Meanwhile Harley began a two legged dance on his hind legs. I said "Oh they must have  a puppy!"  Right on cue a fluffy poodle suddenly appeared in the passenger seat, hanging half out the window starting a bark-fest.

I discouraged Harley from joining in, luckily the American bulldog and his parent came walking up, so that distracted Harley into showering his love on them.

Finally the couple was parked. They let their poodle out who immediately came over to make friends with the bulldog and Harley. As we all started walking, a lady with a rottweiler showed up. Harley was literally a social butterfly, flirting and flitting from dog to pet parent and back again. He clearly wanted to tie the most knots the fastest in all the dog leashes.

People kept asking me "What is that?"  pointing at my little dancing pooch.


It's a question I hear over and over again.

I'm too sexy for my fur. 


  1. Ha, what a cutie. :) Have a great day.

  2. Found your bloga few weeks your writing
    style....& love that Harley dog

  3. You could do far worse than to title your next book Travels with Harley!

  4. Tell them he's a Bitch Magnet. He's got animal magnetism.


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